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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Forum to be merged with the Back to the 80's! content; to be rebranded soon

Today I have taken the steps to merge both the ABC and Back to the 80's Podcasts under one roof. This is because I believe it will be Glenn and Jeremy's show that will prove to be the driving force of this forum's future (And two Podcasts in one forum is a very neat idea). Also, I've been wanting to move the site away from being "Just another Transformers forum" for some time, hence why I think their show is a good catalyst. With that in mind, I want to reflect that in the the forum's outlook and layout. Here is what will be happening in the coming days:

The forum will be given a new name. Now what I will say is that it won't have either Podcasts' name in the title, but an umbrella title to reflect the fact we are basically talking about toys. Please give me a few ideas for a name and the best one will become the new forum name.

Obviously, with that in mind, once we settle on a new name, what we'll be needing is a new banner for the forum (Don't worry Shad and Wizartar, we will still be using your banners for the ABC Podcast and content). I'm thinking something with a few of the toys through the ages in them. So those of you who are creative in that regard, get cracking! (once we have a name, of course, LOL)

Another thing that might be happening is if the Timeyville forum doesn't pick up during the run of the Doctor Who series, I will also be merging those forums together, possibly opening up a DW thread here for discussion. I hate to do it because the site is beautiful, but I have good enough business-savvy (I hope, anyways, LOL) to know if something isn't working, it's best to cut your losses on it and move on.

Also, over the past weekend, both Podcasts have been released! You can check us out by clicking other links on the side bar, or go on the forum for all your plastic goodness.

That's all I have to say for the time being. This has got to be one of the biggest changes in the site's history, and I for one am completely stoked about it!



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