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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back to the Eighties - When the Music Stops: Bravestarr - Water Fever

This week sees the first visit of WTMS to New Texas, the home of Marshall Bravestarr! Join him and 30/30 as they try to stem the flow of water fever, as the precious supply on the faraway planet run out!

Download the episode HERE , or subscribe via iTunes

RCP - Mini-EP 51: SPD The Last Patrol Discussion

Thankfully FezOfAlcon was crashing round my house last night, just as the news about this broke.

In short Matt Austin AKA Brigde from Power Rangers: SPD is hoping to get his own PR fanfilm off the ground.

In this mini episode we discuss his proposal, the first reactions from two forums and our own idea on what he could do. Please enjoy.

Monday, May 27, 2013

RCP Vs FF - Episode 106: 'I would have to read this #@&%ing line wouldn't I?'

This fanfic involves ponies drinking beer ... you have been warned. Also I'll be amazed if Dying English ever speaks to me again, LOL.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Super Action Matinee: The "Oh no, I forgot to put them out on Saturday!" Edition

Due to personal reasons, I was unable to post yesterday's S.A.M. so this Sunday you get all 6 serials in one go!

Batman: Chapter 3

Superman: Chapter 3

The Adventures of Captain Marvel: Chapter 3

Flash Gordon: Chapter 4

The Phantom: Chapter 4

Mandrake the Magician: Chapter 4

Normal service should resume next week, with the usual three on Saturday, followed by another three on Sunday. Until then, I hope you enjoy our mega matinee marathon today!

Get Well Soon, Nic!

Yesterday, former Nerdsphere podcaster Nicole Hale was involved in a traffic accident where a car running a red light hit her at 60 mph, leaving her with multiple fractures and injuries to her femur, finger, foot and spine. Nic is in the hospital, getting the best possible care, and is occasionally updating us via her Facebook. Nicole hosted "The Random Fandom with Slick & Nic" from 2010 - 2012 alongside Ms. Slick, and is well known in the online Transformers fan community, appearing in various different forums, message boards and podcasts over the years. She is currently a member of the "Radio Free Cybertron" podcast troupe, appearing every Sunday on the "Fanboy Vs" live broadcast, as well as "The Rescue Center" with Aimiee Morgan.

Everybody here at The Nerdsphere Network wishes Nicole a speedy recovery. You can also send messages to Nic via her Facebook account or via twitter @Beatlesdiva.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 101: Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Get ready to WARP into another episode of Shut Up & Watch This as we start our path towards our second century (OK we are aiming FAR forward). We kick off with a new sub series - TO BODLY GO... errr somewhere... with Star Trek - the ORIGINAL movie - the MOTION PICTURE.

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Old Oilhouse - Quick, Change The Channel! EP 15: Mortal Kombat

To save Earthrealm from utter immolation, three brave warriors band together to stop Shang W.S. Anderson from winning his tenth tournament. Or... Rob, DHD and Tricky take on.... MOOOOOORRRTALLL KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMBAT!


RCP - Episode 170: The Cameo Insanity

Man was it a good time to be a Power Rangers fan last week? Anywho for todays episode I was joined by FezOf Alcon, StaticRift, Knightbuster and TZMHero to discuss the PR Super Megaforce cameo mess.

Yeah it was pretty insane, regardless please enjoy.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RCP - Mini-EP 50: Random Transformers Talk

Been a while since we last recorded a mini episode huh folks? Well for your listening pleasure the gang and myself, sat down and had a little bit of a TF discussion just before we got it together for the episode 170 recording.

We covered a few different things but namely Botcon, Transformers fanfic ideas and the toys themselves.
Please enjoy.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back to the Eighties - When The Music Stops: Doctor Who - The Brain of Morbius

Following on from last week's adventure, this week sees the Doctor and Sarah Jane battling against Professor Solon, who intends to bring back the most dangerous Time Lord renegade of them all - Morbius!

Download the episode HERE , or subscribe via iTunes

Gruffy's Bricking It - Jublex Space Fighter

Gruffy returns to show you an odd, odd bit of lego knock off. With added awesome box

I know, It's a Thunderhawk, not a Thunderbird.

And apparently, it's not the Enterprise. I care more about 40k than Star Trek.

The Transformers: Headmasters, Episode 7: "The Veil Of Mystery" [Fandub]

Forgetting that the infamous StarTV Singapore dub ever existed, this is the first ever English dub of this particular episode to my knowledge. The episode began pre-production under the Ultimate Fan Project with Dark Heroes, and has evolved from that time. Critiques are welcome as we are always trying to improve. Thank you to the entire cast for their hard work, enthusiasm, patience, and commitment to the Headmasters project. We hope you enjoy!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Its a Gundam: LBX Joker

IT'S BACK, I'm looking at model kits again and I decided to look at LBX, based on an anime I'm sure, but the real draw of them is the price the look and the customizing you can do with them.

So let's look at one of the early ones in the series LBX Joker.

Review: Transformers Prime Powerizer Thundertron


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Turtle Talk: Classic TMNT Leonardo

This week, it's a look at the guy who leads: Leonardo!

Master Avengers Theater (Season Two): Iron Man

After a one-year absence, M.A.T. is back! For Season 2, we move our attention away from the EMH cartoon series, and to Hollywood, looking at each of the "Phase 1" movies in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" in chronological order. Now a commentary podcast in the same vein as our Shut Up & Watch This! series, every two weeks.

In our inaugural show of Season Two, new host Timey, former host CCTFW and Chris McFeely chat over Robert Downey Jnr's d├ębut as Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie!

Download the episode HERE

Super Action Matinee (Sunday Edition): Deep Blue Space

Welcome, cinema goers, this the Sunday edition of S.A.M! Grab your popcorn and enjoy the ongoing adventures of our Defenders of the Earth!

Flash has lobster for breakfast, Ming and Dale's wedding doesn't go according to plan and then our heroes are "Captured by Sharkmen!"

Will The Phantom survive his fist fight with a Lion in "The Traitor's Code"?

Then finally, Mandrake chases bad guys to "A City of Terror"!

That's it for now, but stay tuned next Saturday for the next instalments of Batman, Superman and The Adventures of Captain Marvel, and find out how our heroes get out of their predicaments next Sunday!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Silverbolt Reviews: TFC "Not Silverbolt"

A review of the large blackbird from TFC's latest creation the "Uranos" (Not Superion) combiner

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 100: The FP!!

IT IS FINALLY HERE - we somehow have got through 100 (maybe over if you count some of the side shows) podcasts of this fine piece of audio gold…OK audio silver…OK its audio SOMETHING and we enjoy it SO THERE.

To signify this momentous event we have something VERY SPECIAL - something that HAS to be seen - THE FP!! Think of the ducks people… THINK OF THE DUCKS… AND we have gathered a motley crew headed up by the granddaddy of time himself - TIMEY!

Download the episode HERE

Super Action Matinee (Saturday Edition): More Powerful than a Visual Effect!

It's time! It's time! It's old black & white matinee time!

First, we find out Batman is the luckiest guy alive and that Bats are a super-effective means of torture as we enter "The Bat's Cave"

Then, we find out if Superman truly is more powerful than a locomotive, and Clark Kent gets a job in "Depths of the Earth"

Then finally, it's Billy Batson vs "The Guillotine!"

That's it for our DC Superheroes, but stay tuned tomorrow when it's the turn of our Defenders of thee Earth to take the spotlight!

Back to the Eighties - Episode 150

Do you feel the power of the Gladiators? The guys do this week, as Phil spotlights the Nineties series with the decidedly Eighties feel!

If that's not enough, they also discuss the new Star Trek movie, last week's Doctor Who episode, and ALL the news from our favourite franchises, you lucky people!

ALSO: Glenn breaks Phil. It's Sam's turn to break him next week.

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe on iTunes

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Japan No Toyzu: Draias

The Space Emperor from the Brave/Yuusha series Fighbird, its Draias, this is a great figure and if you watch you will see why I think so.

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 119: Agents of SHAZAM!

Its a two-show deal tonight! You gets 118, AND 119 on the same day!

With Stu still of fighting the grimecrime, Gruffy, Rob and a mysterious stranger tackle funky things of geekery, throw a new idea into the mix and tweeterate some answers!

Oh yes. First person to name the beginning of the show wins a prize.

Download and comment HERE

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 118: Question Carvery Time!

3 men bravely step up the plate of questions and listen to the meat of inquiry!

As always, download and comment HERE

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Back to the Eighties - When The Music Stops: Doctor Who - State of Decay

A super special treat for you this week - in honour of the series finale of Doctor Who this week, we have a classic story from 1980; State of Decay! Not only is it read by the incomparable Tom Baker himself, but it also features music and audio from the television episodes themselves!

So, dear listener, get yourself comfy and draw the blinds, as the Doctor, Romana and Adric take a jaunt into E-Space and take on some nasty old vampires in Doctor Who - State of Decay!

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe on iTunes

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Old Oilhouse - Quick, Change The Channel! EP 14: VALLEY OF GWANGI

In the memory of one of cinema's greats, the late Ray Harryhausen (June 29, 1920 – May 7, 2013), Rob, Stu and the oh so irish Mikey grab a film that can only be classed as COWBOYS VS DINOSAURS!

Download and comment HERE

The Old Oilhouse - Oiley's Ol' Arcade S2 EP 4: SPOLYGONS!

We return to the Arcade to talk about Pre-Console gaming, if Final Fantasy was rubbish and Renegade.

There's a squeak that keeps appearing. It's not a mouse, but a old and sad table that will be replaced for the next ep.

Download it and comment HERE

Super Action Matinee Sunday - Terrortunneling with genuine Lizard Monsters!

It's S.A.M. Sunday edition, and we enter Chapter 2 in our exciting adventures of the Defenders of the (Old School) Earth!

First off, Flash Gordon and Princess Aura enter the Tunnel of Terror!

Then we learn that a dog truly is man's best friend in "The Man Who Never Dies"

Then, lastly, Mandrake the Magician & Lothor enter "The Trap of the Wasp"

That's it for now, but see you in 6 days for more S.A.M. madness with Batman, Superman & Captain Marvel, then discover in one week how our heroes get out of their predicaments!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stardub - Episode 56: Comfortably (Nien) Numb!

It’s a new dawn in Stardub Central. The long-lost Ralph has returned from his odyssey into the wilderness, but is he a changed man? What stories does he have to share? None!

Why is that you ask. Simple – friend of the podcast and Stunt Ralph – Philip Ayres has managed to waylay Ralph with a parcel of gifts for him. Phil is a True Friend and Ralph’s reactions are priceless. No need to imagine them, for a video of them will follow soon after this.

Once we’ve gotten that out of the way, we turn our thoughts and taste buds to this year’s Transformers Easter Egg, which comes with a mug (much like this podcast) and how well it performs.

Following that we look at the seldom spoken Legend of Robin Hood produced by the BBC in the 1970′s. Now the BBC’s most recent Robin Hood wasn’t exactly good, will this unearthed gem surpass it?

Rounding out the episode is Andy’s thoughts on The Dark Judges from World Book Night 2013, a collection of material from 2000ad focusing on the Alien Superfiends from Judge Dredd.

Available from HERE and iTunes.

Back to the Eighties - Episode 149

This week sees the gang (including the newly-inducted Sam to the BTTE ranks) discuss which 80's supervehicle you'd want to be taking command of (HINT - no one picks Automan's sweet ride), as well as talking about the latest series of Doctor Who, the Marvel superhero movies, and the undisclosed Laws of the Playground.

There's also news, views, and a strange discussion about Kelloggs frozen waffles (and the reflectors that came with them!)

Also: Jii breaks Phil.

Listen to the episode HERE, or subscribe on iTunes!

Super Action Matinee: The Golden Age

Welcome, one and all, to our Super Action Matinee Saturday line up! Just like last Sunday (Consisting of Flash Gordon, The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician) we'll show you three instalments of an old Saturday morning matinee serial, but on Saturdays you'll be getting the first celluloid appearances from the Dark Knight, the Man of Steel and the wielder of the Power of Shazam! Stay tuned every week as we take you to a bygone era, where World War II was a current and very real event, but these individuals fight for truth, justice and the American way! (I will warn you: the Batman story in particular was very much a product of it's time, and the racist overtones are ever present throughout. These chapters are the uncut versions as I felt it was necessary to show it as nature intended, even though I don't agree with it)

First off, Batman & Robin, agents for "ol' Uncle Sam" fight the "Evil Japanese Scientist" Dr. Daka in "The Electronical Brain"

Then, witness the origin of the Last Son of Krypton in "Superman Comes to Earth!"

Then, finally, watch as Billy Batson gains the power of the gods in "The Adventures of Captain Marvel"

How will our heroes get out of their predicaments? Stay tunes next week to find out! Also, tune in tomorrow for the latest instalments in the adventures of Flash Gordon, Phantom and Mandrake!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 99: SU&WT! SHORTS - Archangel Thunderbird

The time is coming soon - one away from triple figures people!! And what better time to try a new concept - SHORTS. No this does not mean we cover short people - but short films/tv/cartoons.

Starting us off is a REAL oddity - something which has never been officially released - first seen on the Europen premier of the Sci-Fi Channel


Listen as Logan Blaze leads Ms Slick and Darkageis on a strange journey with some familiar faces.

Watch the parts of the show below.
Download the episode HERE

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Back to the Eighties - When The Music Stops: Masters of the Universe - The Curse of Crystal Mountain

As last week's offering was more like a punishment, this week have a reward! In this Masters of the Universe adventure, He-Man and the Masters must save Queen Marlena, who has been infected with a rare virus, and only the Snow Dwarves can help. However, when He-Man arrives for the antidote, he discovers that another He-Man has already got there before him? Who is this mysterious imposter? And how can He-Man prove that he's the real deal, before time runs out for Eternia's Queen?

Download the episode HERE, subscribe on iTunes, or Stitcher

RCP - Episode 169: Enemy ADD!

Got another fanfilm review for you folks, once again Miles and David join me as we discuss/review 'Star Trek Phase 2: Enemy Starfleet'.

Trust me the episode title will make sense when you listen to the episode.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Stardub Episode 55 - The Phil-In Station

It’s another episode of Stardub and another Stunt-Ralph joins Andy in the ongoing mission to throw themselves onto the hand grenades of pop culture. Once more we have the Silent Member on board and guess what he isn’t silent!

That’s right Philip Ayres, friend of the podcast joins us to natter about Doctor Who and specifically Destiny of the Daleks. Inexplicably Philip thinks this is a good story, Andy (and the not dead and buried under Andy’s patio Ralph) do not.

Will there be tears, shouting, exchanging of parcels of really bad DVD’s and comics? Listen on and find out.

You will also get to find out some nefarious plans for the next Stardub… and perhaps the true fate of Ralph.

Post closing theme you will hear some spoilerrific speculation about who the Big Bad is from Doctor Who this year and just how long it has been planned from Phil.

Available from HERE or via iTunes.

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 117: Tea and Crumpets with Mairghread Scott

Writer of Rage of the Dinobots and the upcoming Beast Hunters from IDW, Mairghread Scott, decides to take a few moments to talk comics, food and elk. Huge thanks to Mairghread for allowing this to happen to her.

Download and Comment HERE

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Super Action Matinee: Defenders of the Earth

Well, not really. They weren't those yet. Lets rewind the clock about 50-40 years before that 80s cartoon to a golden era where your Saturday mornings were spent at the cinema! Welcome to the Super Action Matinee! Where every Saturday and Sunday we'll put out instalments of six serialized matinee movies based of comic book properties. Saturdays will be devoted to Batman, Superman & Captain Marvel (Shazam!), whilst Sundays will focus on a wider range. I think the best way to introduce our episode ones is to return to Defenders of the Earth:

Out of the sky, his rockets ignite, Jets into battle, flying faster than light! Flash Gordon!

Lord of the Jungle, the hero who stalks, The beasts call him brother, the ghost who walks! Phantom!

Master of magical spells and illusion, Enemies crumble in fear and confusion! Mandrake!

And that's it for now. Stay tuned for Saturday for some wartime DC comics action, and then next Sunday for episode 2 of each of the above.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Super Saturday Radioplay: Batman - Knightfall

In the last of our showcasing of Dirk Maggs-produced superhero radioplays, we turn to BBC Radio One's first ever production (The Superman plays were first aired on BBC Radio 4 & 5). Originally aired and intended as 3 min serialized shorts across 5 days a week on Mark Goodier's drivetime show (with a omnibus edition aired on a saturday morning during the Danny Baker show), the entire serial was re-edited into a full 3 hour movielength tale for cassette tape & CD. This is the edition you're listening to here. The cast of Bob Sessions, Michael Gough, Kerry Shale & Lorelei King are retained from the BBC's previous Batman story "The Lazarus Syndrome" (Posted elsewhere in this blog).

The story covers a time in the 90s Batman comic books where a tired and burned out Bruce Wayne is stalked, then severely injured by then-new super villain Bane, and his replacement by the darker and deadlier Jean-Paul Valley, heir to the mantle of the name Azreal. Nearly all of Batman's rougue's gallery are involved, including the Joker, Riddler, Scarecrow and the Ventriloquist.

We recently conducted an interview with director / producer Dirk Maggs, and you can listen to the whole thing HERE

And if you liked what you heard, please support the official release HERE

Stay tuned next week when we begin the "Super Saturday Matinee" where every week we put out an episode of an old cinema matinee short.

Back to the Eighties - Episode 148

Sam Palmer's back with us this week, as Jii, Glenn and Phil spotlight one of the more lethal supervehicles of the 80's - Airwolf!

There's also news to be had this week, with Matty SDCC news, TFCC goings-on and developments in Trans4mers all going on!

Stay tuned for all that and more, including questions, DS9 conversations, and what supervehicles the guys would want!

Download the episode HERE , subscribe on iTunes , or Stitcher

Friday, May 03, 2013

Shut Up and Watch This! - EPISODE 98: Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengeance

THE CAGE RAGE RETURNS FOR ONE LAST RUN... well maybe - it had to be done - we start with flame head - we end with flame head. Yeas Logan and AD8M end their run with the Rider's second outing. The run with Mr Cage HAS been a ride - ups, downs, LOTS of insanity - I hope you enjoyed it - we did - sometimes

Download the episode HERE

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

CC: Kreo Predaking

The Predacons join the kreo combiner line, a bright and interetsing attempt at doing beasts into kreons, does it have problems? why not watch to check it out

RCP Vs FF - Episode 105: BORING FORCE GO!

If being the host of a fanfiction podcast has taught me anything it's this, Power Ranger fans seem to love there podcasts.

I'm not joking, since I started my own blog at least once a week, someone keeps finding it in 'PR fanfic podcasts' searches. It's insane!

Regardless please join Random Crap Ranger and myself as we read a fanfic that's been sitting on my laptop for nearly a year now.

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 116: Musical Tales

The lock-in rises once again like a flatulent phoenix, burning... oh the burning...

Taste The Rainbow HERE

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