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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stardub - Episode 56: Comfortably (Nien) Numb!

It’s a new dawn in Stardub Central. The long-lost Ralph has returned from his odyssey into the wilderness, but is he a changed man? What stories does he have to share? None!

Why is that you ask. Simple – friend of the podcast and Stunt Ralph – Philip Ayres has managed to waylay Ralph with a parcel of gifts for him. Phil is a True Friend and Ralph’s reactions are priceless. No need to imagine them, for a video of them will follow soon after this.

Once we’ve gotten that out of the way, we turn our thoughts and taste buds to this year’s Transformers Easter Egg, which comes with a mug (much like this podcast) and how well it performs.

Following that we look at the seldom spoken Legend of Robin Hood produced by the BBC in the 1970′s. Now the BBC’s most recent Robin Hood wasn’t exactly good, will this unearthed gem surpass it?

Rounding out the episode is Andy’s thoughts on The Dark Judges from World Book Night 2013, a collection of material from 2000ad focusing on the Alien Superfiends from Judge Dredd.

Available from HERE and iTunes.


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