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Monday, May 31, 2010

[VIDEO] War For Cybertron Commercial

A video has cropped up that....well, I'll let you be the judge, but I think is awesome!

[PODCAST] Back to the 80's Episode 16 Released!

Where Jeremy and Glenn talk about more Star Wars news than you can shake a lightsaber at, squicky moments in Eighties movies, some sad news about 80s icons this week, and a very exciting upcoming attraction!

Listen to the podcast HERE!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Design a new banner for the Nerdsphere!

We are looking for a new Banner for our Front Page and Forum. Requirements for the new banner must be thus:
  1. 960 pixels in width x 150 pixels in height.
  2. Includes the words "The Nerdsphere" (Afterall, thats what we're called!)
  3. Includes the now iconic logo of a sphere with glasses.
Other than these three requirements, you can go to town creatively on the design, using either original artwork or photoshop methods. The winning entry will become our new banner for the forum and will also be used in future Nerdsphere-related videos. Good luck and get creative!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

[PODCAST] Dude Wait What Podcast Episode 12 - Did it Make you Feel Like a Man?

This week, we are joined by greatness! Did we clean up? Straighten up the living room? Carpet look nice? Good. Cause this week, Brad Nicholson of MTV MULTIPLAYER and GIANTBOMB.COM shows up to school us on how he and his awesomeness roll.

This week we stammer about:
  • Project Natal Pricing Rumours and Innuendo
  • Future Man-Machine Interface. SCIENCE!
  • Easy mode is for wusses.
  • Touya just got PWNED by Brad!!!!1
  • Sonic Colours. Disappointment personified.
  • Heavy Rain, Sex in games and why it's creepy.
  • Pokemon. Cause that's a natural segue from that last topic.
  • Tetris has Achievements?
  • What We've Been Playing this week, Brad expounds on Red Dead Redemption.
You can find Mr. Nicholson's written reviews at MTV MULTIPLAYER and GIANT BOMB, and you can hear him regularly on THE ELECTRIC HYDRA PODCAST.

[OBITUARY] Dennis Hopper (May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010)

Dennis Hopper, best known to us as King Koopa in the "Super Mario Bros." movie but will be remembered most of all for the movies "Easy Rider" and "Apocalypse Now" has died of cancer at the age of 74.

Read up on Hopper's life and work by going on the wiki page HERE.

On behalf of the Nerdsphere, I would like to offer our heartfelt condolences to Dennis Hopper's family and friends at this time.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Timey Reviews: G1 Shockwave

Our esteemed leader Matt (a.k.a. Time Lord) has posted a video review of his much prized and beloved Transformers holy grail, the coldly logical Generation 1 Shockwave (yes, the review is genuine this time!).

However, please be prepared for insane amounts of squeeing, gushing, nerdgasms, and whatever else you might be subjected to while he kindly reminds us all that he's one lucky b@$t@rd for owning this toy!

Bay to helm new TMNT remake

Michael Bay will oversee production on the live-action remake.

Michael Bay and the rest of Platinum Dunes will oversee the launch of a new live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, according to Deadline New York.

The film marks the first non-horror remake for Platinum Dunes, who will team with Paramount and Nickelodeon to re-adapt the property.

The franchise, which began as a black and white comic book series in 1984, rose to tremendous popularity when it became an animated series in 1987. Following the first live-action film in 1990, the series spawned two live-action sequels, a live-action television series, a second animated series and a CGI feature film.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kapow! Toys Presents Wave 3 hits Youtube with a world exclusive!

Video of review of Generations Drift!

We also have the transformation review for your viewing pleasure!

Thanks for watching!

[PODCAST] Autobot City Episode 37 Released!

(Note: This show was recorded before my decision to leave the show. We will address the situation properly in the next show.)

In this episode, Mikey's last one for a while, stupid skype recorder cuts us off mid flow, Phil, Mikey and The Underbase's Aimee review Last Stand of the Wreckers #5 and then we send Mikey out in the only way possible!

You can listen to the show by clicking on the link HERE.

[PODCAST NEWS] ABC possibly to continue airing

I have been approached by somebody who's shown willing to continue making the show. Nothing is definite right now, but it looks like ABC could well be staying on the air, albeit without me as I still want to leave to continue other projects. Watch this space for more details.

Minagoroshi to be released at the end of May

MangaGamer have just announced they'll be releasing the next instalment of 07th Expansion's murder mystery Sound Novel series Higurashi When They Cry Kai (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai), MINAGOROSHI-HEN (Massacre Chapter) on May 31st.


This weekend we will be having a special guest on the Dude Wait What Podcast. I won't say who it is yet, in case he doesn't show up (you know how life is) but our planned guest writes for Giant Bomb, MTV Multiplayer and appears regularly on The Electric Hydra Podcast.

Most of you will have figured it out by now. Stay tuned this weekend for the episode!

[VIDEO REVIEW] MOTU Classics Mer-Man

Enjoy this review from Moonbase2 co-host CobraCommanderTFW, where he looks at the reissued Mer-Man from the MOTU Classics line.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stephen Perry, Thundercats writer disappears

From Popwatch:

It seems more and more likely that missing Florida-based comics writer, and Thundercats TV show scripter, Stephen Perry has died as a result of foul play. According to Tampa Bay’s St. Petersburg Times, deputies recently found a severed body part close to where Perry’s van was abandoned at a Quality Inn in Tampa. The police are also holding Perry’s two roommates as “persons of interest.” The pair, James and Roxanne Davis, are a married couple with criminal histories.

Read the whole story HERE.

[PODCAST] Back to the 80's Episode 15 Released!

Where Jeremy and Glenn talk about The Equalizer, Yard Sales (BIG ones), ponder the reasons why Megan Fox won't be appearing in TF3, go through the news, and answer some more listener questions.

You can listen to the episode by clicking on the link HERE.

Monday, May 24, 2010

[PODCAST NEWS] Autobot City Podcast to End

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that our Anniversary show to celebrate One Year of the Nerdsphere forum (Airing on 27/06/2010) will also mark the end of our flagship show, the Autobot City Podcast. I felt the time was right to move forward in the evolution of the site, and will be retiring from active podcasting to focus on my duties on the website/forum, as well as producing our new shows, "The Heroic Age" and "Many Different Things" as well as setting up a potential Anime show to air late in the summer.

Transformers news will be covered on the "Back to the 80's!" podcast by our colleagues Jeremy and Glenn. I wish them all the luck and kudos, and I'm extremely proud in what they have accomplished so far for both themselves and for drawing attention to our site, we are getting more members every week, and it's due to the effort of these guys, plus Touya and the others over at "Dude Wait, What?!" for drawing the video game community into our fair site.

We will be on the air until our big hurrah on the day of our anniversary, so it's not goodbye straight away

Thank you one and all for a year of awesomeness, and I promise we will go out with a bang!

- Matt

[PODCAST] As one chapter closes...

...Another one opens! On 28/06/2010, The Heroic Age approaches!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

[WANTED] Hosts for a new Podcast

WANTED: Hosts/Producers of a potential Toku/Anime/Manga Podcast. Must be able to have full knowledge of the subject matter and have a personality that can pull in the listeners (After all, we'd want this show to be entertaining as well as being informative!). The show can cover all aspects of the Japanese media scene, as well as dub companies and toys. Contact Time Lord either by PM'ing him on the Nerdsphere, or if you follow him go to Twitter or on Facebook.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

[PODCAST] Dude Wait What Podcast Episode 11 - Darth Jamie

There is no escape. Don't make this podcast destroy you. You do not yet realise your marketing potential. You have only begun to discover your gaming prowess. Join this podcast and it will complete your training. With our combined strength we can end the console wars and bring order to the bargain bins.

If you only knew the power...of our topics:
  • The Nintendo D$
  • Killzone 3 is announzzzzzzzzzz...
  • Japan has weird ideas about knights.
  • How much are you willing to pay for free help?
  • Musical Break: "Welding Dress (For my Dear FFXIII)" by EMPYREANARIA
  • Cute and browser based superheroes.
  • We interrupt Jamie while he tries to talk about Sonic the Hedgehog
  • What we been playing this week
Bob never told you what happened to your old video games podcast.

No. your video games podcast.

Doctor Who Episode Discussion "The Hungry Earth" Now unlocked at the Nerdsphere!

You can post what you thought about the latest episode of Doctor Who, entitled "The Hungry Earth" and featuring the return of classic series monsters The Silurians (or Earth Reptiles for those who know their stuff).

Check out the thread by going HERE.

Meanwhile, we've noticed that a lot of Americans haven't been posting in the earlier episode discussions. Don't be shy, tell us what you thought! ;)

[VIDEO REVIEW] What NOT to do with your Sonic Screwdriver!

Whilst filming an update on the Sonic Screwdriver review he did the other week, the curious thing happened....

Friday, May 21, 2010

[PODCAST] Autobot City Episode 36 Released!

Well, it's taken me a week of restoring some files, but at last we can present to you Episode 36. We hope to have Episode 37 out by Monday, so you shall have two editions out by the time the weekdays starts all over again. But, I dunno if you noticed, but we managed to wake Mr. Angry up once again to answer some questions!

In this show:
  • Matt does the news...ON HIS OWN!
  • Mikey and Phil review Ironhiode #1 and Ongoing #6 in the Comics Corner.
  • We restart the podcast in a parallel world where Matt wasn't around and Owen came back, plus we cover Listeners Questions.
You can listen to us by clicking on the link HERE.

Google celebrates Pacman's 30th birthday in style!

GOOGLE have celebrated PACMAN'S 30TH BIRTHDAY in their own way - by transforming their logo into a playable game of Pacman!

Check out the Google link above, or simply go onto Google's front page and give it a try!

(PS, any similarities between Pacman and Timey are purely coincidental!)

[RETRO REVIEW] Wheelbreaker41 Reviews Slithe, Monkian and Jackalman

This time around, Jeremy takes a look at the main three mutant leaders from the Thundercats line.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

[VIDEO] Interview with makers of War for Cybertron

In this interview, amongst talk about the development of the game, we also hear what some of the characters sounds like.

[NEWS] Welker in Transformers: Prime!

Quickly following the news that Optimus Prime will be played by his original voice actor, Peter Cullen, Roberto Orci has confirmed that another G1 VA alumni has entered the fold: FRANK WELKER!

Orci says of Welker (via the DON MURPHY BOARDS): "Really excited to see what you guys think about it. Seeing Cullen and Welker together in the recording studio was mind blowing."

No mention on who Welker is playing at this time, but was known for three notable and memorable characters in the old show: Soundwave, Rumble and the leader of the Decepticons himself - Megatron!

Orci also confirmed that Starscream will be a character in "Prime" and that he'll be back to his old ways.

[NEWS] Megan Fox out of Transformers 3

(NOTE: We decided not to report this as news until it was verified as genuine)

Megan Fox is no longer in the cast of the third Transformers movie. The move, reported on various news sites including SKY TV'S WEBSITE was apparently due to a falling out with director Michael Bay. With renewed confirmations that Fox will now not be starring in the movie, there is apparently a race to replace her, either as a recast of Mikaela, or as a brand new character to serve as a love interest to Sam Whitwicky (Shia Lebeouf), rumours already tag actress Gemma Arterton (Prince of Persia) as a possible candidate.

You can discuss this piece of news by posting on the Nerdsphere forum thread HERE.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Behold....THE BONE!

GWolfV3 is dead.....behold the one, the only, the drop dead sexy one known only as ....THE BONE!

Kapow! Toys Presents special!

The reviewer plays with himself!!!

Thanks for watching!

[NEWS] Halo Reach Beta: Ten more hours of teabagging

Oh, so you thought you could put down that DMR and walk away, confident in your skills with the Armour Lock that when Fall rolls around you'll be the top of your stats list? Think again! You've got ten more hours to play the Halo Reach Beta! Originally slated to shut down tonight at midnight, the new shutdown time has been extended to Thursday, May 20th at 10am PDT.

Get in a few more shots with friends until then. I myself will be hiding in the corner right behind you with Stalker turned on.

Original story at DESTRUCTOID

Kapow! Toys Presents Wave Two hits Youtube

This week we review some toys that are already available on the site!

Takara-Tomy Desert Combat Rampage

Takara-Tomy Animated Activator Cliffjumper

Head Robots Cobra

Hunt for Decepticons Seaspray. (Available to buy at Kapow! Toys now!!!!!)

N.E.S.T. Ratchet

Thanks for watching!

Kapow! Toys Presents Wave 1.5 hits Youtube

We update a couple of previous videos, including the transformation for Battle Blade Bumblebee!

Hunt For Decepticons Battle Blade Bumblebee

War for Cybertron Optimus Prime

Thanks for watching!

[NEWS] Casting Sheet confirms Power Rangers 2011 series to be adapted from Shinkenger

Website GAIJINSIDE has reported that the company involved in casting the new Power Rangers TV series, ACTOR ACCESS (Registration needed) has released details on the new characters, and their requirements for each role:


Special Notes: LOCATION: ALL TALENT must be willing to relocate to New Zealand for approx. 6 -8 months. Must have valid or current passport with at least one (1) year left before renewal or able to get one.

ALL OF THE FOLLOWING POWER RANGER ROLES are a group of teens 18-23 years to play 15-19 years. They are all nice looking, charismatic, energetic, outgoing and confident. They must have SUPER HERO LOOKS with average height and in great physical condition. Martial arts or gymnastics a big plus:

Caucasian male, 18 – 23 to play 17-19 years. Reese is an attractive young man with super hero looks and a slim athletic build, approx 5′10″. Natural leader, reserved quiet and mysterious.
Martial arts a plus.

All ethnicity Male, 18 to 23 to play 17-19. He has good looks and a strong slim build. He is approx. 5′6″ – 5′9″, He is a rebel, street smart He is very creative and not afraid to think outside the box.

Could be any ethnicity Male, 18 to early twenties to play 16-19 years. He is a handsome athletic man with honorable intentions. Approx. 5′6″ – 5′10″ with a slightly thinner build. Extremely disciplined, punctual, ‘military’ square. *Martial arts ability is required.

Any ethnicity, 18 to 23 to play 16 to 19 years. 5′4″-5′6. She is beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent and confident. She tends to be the older sister type. Motherly. She is very intuitive and genuinely cares about others.

Any ethnicity, 18 to early twenties to play 14 to 16 years of age. 5′2″- 5′5″. Very cute, sweet, positive and very na├»ve small town girl. She is the baby sister that everyone looks after.

Any ethnicity male, 18 – 23 to play 17-19 years. He is on the slim side – 5′7″ – 5′10″. He is over animated, funny and affectionate, a Jim Carrey type but with no ego. He is a guy who grew up in the streets and is self taught fighter and a self taught computer programmer. Must have great comedic body movements.

Any ethnicity female, 18 to early twenties to play 16 to 19 years of age. height 5′4″- 5′6″. good looking, cold and aloof. She is a princess with blue blood lineage. She is very brave and maintains her courage under difficult circumstances.

You can discuss this news by visiting the Nerdsphere thread HERE.

Monday, May 17, 2010

[NEWS] Peter Cullen to play Optimus Prime for Transformers Prime

It has been reported on various news sites that Optimus Prime in the upcoming CGI cartoon series "Transformers: Prime" will be played by none other than Peter Cullen. Although by now we're used to hearing Cullen in the role of Prime (Having played him in the first two Live Action Movies, plus the upcoming War of Cybertron game), this will be the first time he has taken on the role in a regular cartoon show since the end of the G1 cartoon in 1987.

You can discuss this news on the Nerdsphere forum by going HERE.

[EBAY SALE] Sectaurs for Sale

Nerdsphere forum member The Freelancer has for sale several toys from the 1980's Sectaurs line. If you want a piece of 1980's nostalgia (or you like human bugs!) check them out by clicking on the link HERE.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

[PODCAST] Back to the 80's Episode 14 Released!

Where Jeremy and Glenn catch up on the latest news, take a look at the greatest wrestling feuds in history, and answer questions from the listeners - you! Also, why is Glenn looking like Raul Julia?

Listen to the podcast HERE!

[VIDEO REVIEW] A review on...Figure stands?!

Nerdsphere forum member JiiDee has released an extremely entertaining video detailing his attempts to find and buy the perfect figurine stand...

You can comment on Jii's latest video by either (if you have a YouTube account) clicking on the LINK or alternatively post on the thread HERE.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

[PODCAST] Dude Wait What Podcast Episode 10 - Thundercracker who?

Episode 10 of the Nerdsphere's resident video games Podcast has been released by forum member Touya, talking about amongst other things:
  • Pot-bellied pyromaniac pig Pokemon.
  • Cloudy with a chance of Bulletstorm.
  • Also, Nine Inch Nails rocks.
  • Deformed. But superbly so. And in a squad of sorts.
  • Can World of Warcraft be dethroned? Short answer: no.
  • Call of Duty: Halo Warfare
  • Musical Break: Jaguar Sunrise "Adon's Theme", Super Street Fighter 4
  • Call of Duty: Map Pack Warfare 2.
  • Numerous transformers references.
  • Cirque Du Pretentious and the Microsoft Natal
  • Fable 3 for PC, only a fable?
  • Revisiting past game cover art faux pas.
  • R.I.P. Podtoid.
  • What we've been playing. What YOU'VE been playing.
You can listen to the Episode HERE.

And you can tell the guys what you thought of the show HERE.

[RETRO REVIEW] M.A.S.K. Thunderhawk

Back to the 80's host Wheelbreaker41 has posted a video review on M.A.S.K. toy Thunderhawk.

Doctor Who Episode Discussion "Amy's Choice" now unlocked at the Nerdsphere!

Discuss the latest episode of Doctor Who, entitled "Amy's Choice" by going HERE.

[VIDEO REVIEW] GWolfV3 Reviews HeadRobot Custom HeadMaster

ABC Podcast co-host GWolfV3 reviews his prize from the Moonbase 2 - third party toy HeadRobot.

You can find out more about the HeadRobot by going to HEADROBOTS.COM and KAPOW! TOYS.

Wave One of Kapow! Toys Presents now on Youtube

That's right folks Wave One hit the channel back on Monday and Tuesday of this week. By Wednesday we were front paged by TFW2005, Seibertron and TFormers and we peaked at #70 Most Viewed on Youtube. Our world exclusive look at Battle Blade Bumblebee has since surpassed 5000 hits.

Powercore Combiners Smolder and Chopster

Powercore Combiners Bombshock and the Combaticons

Hunt for the Decepticons Battle Blade Bumblebee

Takara-Tomy Animated Blackout

War for Cybertron Optimus Prime

Wave Two has just landed with me today and you can expect reviews of MP Grimlock, Takara-Tomy ROTF Desert Combat Rampage, ROTF deluxe Ratchet, Takara-Tomy Animated Cliffjumper, ROTF Seaspray and Head Robots Cobra on Monday and Tuesday nights!

[PODCAST] Back to the 80's Episode Review: Thundercats - The Last Day!

Glenn and Jeremy are joined by "Transformers Expert", reviewer and runner of the TFWiki Chris McFeely for their latest Episode Review, this week focusing on Thundercats episode "The Last Day". This marks McFeely's third appearance on the Nerdsphere and we would like to thank him for taking the time to come in for the podcast.

You can listen to the show by clicking on the link HERE.

NBC Heroes update

It has been posted on twitter that Heroes may get an ending after all. Talks are being had this weekend on whether or not to do a movie to end the current stories.

Announcements are expected to be made on Monday. But the TV show is OFFICIALLY DONE.

Friday, May 14, 2010

NBC cancels Heroes

NBC has decided to CANCEL HEROES after it's fourth season due to declining ratings and budgetary reasons.

You can discuss this news on the Nerdsphere forum by going HERE.

Saban buys back Power Rangers

In something of a full circle, Power Rangers creator Haim Saban has bought back the rights to the Five Teens with attitude from Walt Disney! Nickelodeon has purchased 20 brand new episodes to air in early 2011! It has been assumed that the new Ranger series will be an adaptation of the 2009 Super Sentai series, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

You can read the original article by going HERE.

And you can discuss this news on the Nerdsphere forum HERE.

- Time Lord

Working out the kinks

This is just a brief post regarding the name change to The Nerdsphere. Hopefully I'll get this bad boy up and running again soon. ;)

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