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Friday, November 29, 2013

Back to the Eighties - Episode 170

Last Saturday saw the Day of the Doctor become a reality, so join Glenn, Phil and Becca as they discuss the main event of the 50th birthday celebrations for Doctor Who, and all of the ramifications and insights into the future that it brought with it. Also, enjoy all of the news this week, including Transformers, Turtles and a good healthy dollop of Robocop.

Back to the Eighties - 8 out of 10 nerdy nostalgic types recommend it!

(NB If you haven't seen Day of the Doctor yet, needless to say this episode is pretty spoilerrific. You have been warned.)

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Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 117: TMNT

The Shell’tastic November continues!! NOW WE ARE TALKING - before we got the new series, the animated films continued and this one really brought the house dow... err sewer down... err YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN - sit back and enjoy one SHELL of a good movie.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

He-Man - Trivia - Battle Cat speaks?

James Eatock.... voice actor?

Back to the Eighties - Cybertrax: Fire in the Sky

Join Glenn and Becca as they travel to t'frozen north, and encounter a robot that only really exists in cartoon form, as one of the biggest fudges in history. Also, a robot who makes possibly one of the most pointless sacrifices EVER.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Slick, Stu & Mikey. Hello, Evan!!!

The Nerdsphere family continues to grow, and today marks the birth of Rob & Becca's son, Evan!! Rob & Becca are KhaosEnvy and MrsRobimus in The Old Oilhouse podcasts. We wish Rob, Becca, Evan and big sister Neve all the best!!

Evan, of course, shares his birthday with three of our podcasters: Ms.Slick (formerlly of The Random Fandom, currently of The Projector Room), Stu / Darkageis (The Old Oilhouse) and Mikey / Gwolf (Shut Up & Watch This! / Moonbase 2). Hope everybody has a good day, and merriment was had by all!!

RCP - Episode 190: Pacific Rim review

In today's episode folks, I am happily joined by Adam, Oliver and Heather as we sit down at 1am in the morning to discuss the amazing movie Pacific Rim.

We try our best to discuss this but sadly go off topic onto Roger from American Dad at one point.

Apologises for the background noise, Oliver and Heather keep a lot of pet mice so that sound your hearing is a few of them running in hamster wheels. Yeah .. Not going to record a review at 1am round there place again I'm afraid.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Old Oilhouse - Tricky Tries EP 2: Heroes of Cosplay

This time, those Pesky Special Guests have brought horror to the Table Of Tricky. Reality Show Horror! Be afeared, Be scared, Be Warned!

Download It HERE

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Old Oilhouse - Lurkers In The Lobby EP 8: Ghostbusters!

Gruff n Andy take a look at one one the bigest 80's franchises, and how it tries to bring in the elements of the world of H.P. Lovecraft. Also....Added Mikey rises from his dirt ridden dinosaur nest!

Download it HERE

The Projector Room - Episode 2: oh brother where art thou?

Slick N Tricky take a young Duckbats by the hand, and lead her through a world of mystery, of hair gel, and of possibly the best retelling of Greek myth ever put to film...

Download and Comment HERE

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 133: Behind The Toys with Hauke Scheer

Gruff n Jii have the distinct pleasure of sitting with Hauke Scheer, creator of The Mechawhales, and discussing in the ins and outs of 3d printing toys, what makes the 80's a great time for designers and what not to do with a sausage.

Download and Comment HERE

You can find Hauke Scheer's Website HERE
And the Mechawhale site HERE
Deep Fried Figures HERE
And a DeviantArt Page HERE

Friday, November 22, 2013

Back to the Eighties - Episode 169

Becca joins the gang this week, as they talk about welding, Agent Coulson, toilet turnstiles and An Adventure in Space and Time.

We also report on all of the news that's worthy to be talked about this week, such as Castle Grayskull mishaps, Turtle scalping, and perhaps the worst Swerve there ever was.

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 132: The Dreamwave Roundtable (From The Archives)

The second ever show that we ever did is dredged out of the archives for you "enjoyment", This time round...It's the Dreamwave Era!

Download it HERE

Thursday, November 21, 2013

He-Man - The Cosmic Comet - COMMENTARY

As a special favour to Mr. James Eatock (BustaToons / CerealGeek) we're proud to help share the love that is his new Masters of the Universe episode commentaries! These are not associated with the Nerdsphere, but to help spread awareness (if any help was indeed needed) of the official He-Man Youtube channel, which you can find by clicking on the embedded video below. Go on, you know you want to ;)

So long as James allows us to, we'll continue to post these commentaries up. So go on, listen to the king of trivia himself as he takes into... THE COSMIC COMET!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Stardub - Episode 62: Grand Moff! Ta-kid!

We're back after a wee delay (I mean we took longer than expected, no bladder control issues in this podcast), and so is Paul McGann! That one seems to a bit more popular on the internet than we are, for some reason. Steven Moffat penned the exclusive minisode - The Night of the Doctor which featured the return of Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor. Now this is the one nugget we wanted for the 50th Anniversary, so any wrongs Steven Moffat has committed, unintelligible arc plots, which fall down under examination, less episodes than we should have, the ever revolving door of producers (we miss you Beth Willis) are now forgiven. So we blether about that for a while, before turning to an equally important part of Doctor Who.
No not Doctor Who Adventures, but we get to that later I speak of course of The Deadly Assassin - starring Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor. Reknowned for redefining Gallifrey, Time Lords and for getting Philip Hinchliffe the boot thanks to Mary Whitehouse. This is a shame for it should be familiar for a greater reason, the single greatest Time Lord who wasn't The Doctor - Castellan Spandrell as played by George Pravda.

Doctor Who Adventures reaches the milestone issue number 333 and Andu (after a few ciders picked it up) and we talk about it and also the charming Mr Men and Little Miss Magazine, both publications put out by the same publisher aimed at younger readers. Which one is better, no no they don't need to fight. Just read the magazines or better yet let our hosts tell you. (Yes, there is swearing involved, and also some unfortunate choices of words).


Astrodog - the wonderful comic by Paul Harrison-Davies that Andu was raving about.

Read for free HERE

Go and buy in print HERE

These are not requests or suggestions but orders!

Available to download from HERE or via our iTunes feed.

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 116: Turtles Next Mutation

The Shell’tastic November continues!! Oh my - what are we offering this time? Something that has divided the Turtle fandom from its creation. Are you ready for a little DeMilo?

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Back to the Eighties - Cybertrax: Divide and Conquer

This week's adventure features not only a trip to Cybertron, not only the one and only appearance of the Rainmakers, NOT ONLY one of the biggest reasons for a HUGE Transformers retcon, but also the first commentary on Cybertrax for Becca! If that's not reason enough to have a listen, then I just don't know what is.

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes

RCP - Mini EP: X-Men Days Of Future Past Trailer

StaticRift and I give our thoughts on the new trailer for next years X-Men movie which BTW looks frigging awesome!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Masters of the Universe: Battle Armour Skeletor

This week it's the turn of everyone's favourite skull-faced demonic Lord of Destruction, complete with mystical battle armour! Represent.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Back to the Eighties - Episode 168

This week we discuss fear - specifically your fear of horror movies or certain scenes from said movies from when you were ickle. Come on, we all know you used to sneak a peak at the horror movies on video or TV - and this is where you finally admit it, and that's the reason you're scared of sharks, alien furballs or angry Jewish ghosts.

We also welcome a special guest on for the second half - but I'm not telling you who that is, suffice to say things get very silly from that point onwards.

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes

Transformers: Infiltration AUDITIONS!

Kicking off a series of radioplays based on IDW's run of Transformers comics. The plan is to cover the whole run, with Furman's stories as full movie-length, then moving onto episodic serials. The lines will be EXACTLY as printed on the original comic book, with a linking narration describing events where there are no dialogue. The reason behind that is I want the story to be kept intact, with the audio to serve as a form of look-and-read. There are people out in the fandom who couldn't pick up a comic book due to disabilities. It's those fans who are missing out on what I consider the best in current TF fiction. Also: how many times have YOU acted out scenes from an issue of More Than Meets the Eye? I know I have! We are starting with Infiltration, and will continue until the whole of IDW's run is complete. Infiltration - Maximum Dinobots will be movielength, then All Hail Megatron onwards will be episodic.

So, let us begin...

HUMANS (These are our main characters in Infiltration / Escalation / Devastation.

HUNTER O'NION (pronounced Oh-Neye-On) Wanderer, conspiracy theorist. I'm looking for a vocal range around the early 20s.

Line 1: (tired, jaded)… let it go. This… is too big, even for us. I.. I’ve seen things today I can barely comprehend, and I for one need a very long moment here.
Line 2: (inquisitive) So… what’s Siege Mode? And.. what does it mean to us? To the planet Earth?
Line 3: (All heck is breaking loose): We can’t stay here! If he’s what I think he is, he’ll come back, finish the job. We have to run!

VERITY CARLO –Looking for roughly late teen vocal range. Sassy, attitude, headstrong but in the inside, very, very vulnerable. Verity has the lion share of dialogue in Infiltration, so be prepared for a huge undertaking if you get the part.

Line 1: (To Hunter, angry, as a plane low-flies just above the van they’re in) You idiot! You reckless, shortsighted uber-geek! You’ve driven us right into some kind of military testing range! Back up.. get us out of here NOW! You hear me?
Line 2: (In full sass mode) Hey. Hey! When you boys are done making your little fraternity pledges.. big sis is right over here!
Line 3: (Hyperventilating, panicking ) Can’t- can’t breathe in here. Let me out! Let me – (door opens) ouuut! (breathes I – I did a bad thing, I know, but.. I can’t DEAL with this, okay.. I just can’t!

JIMMY PINK – 17 years old, looking for youthful, charismatic type. Sorta guy who thinks he’s got the moves and knows the street.

Line 1: Well, well, Verity Carlo, we meet at last!
Line 2: Hey, just think of me as your personal grease monkey.
Line 3: I’m with Hunter. I’m actually glad we’ve been sidelined. We… could have died back there. Look, Verity… It’s okay to be scared.

For the Transformers themselves, I’m doing something a little different.

It’s simple: Surprise me.

Send me a demo of you doing a series of voices, from any source you can get ahold of (It can be an old G1 script, a comic book, or anything from the Transformers Multiverse.You can even make something up yourself and act it out. For the most part, we’re gonna be with these characters for the Long Haul (I’m so punny!), and I’m looking for performances that’s gonna stick in consciousness’s of the listeners. No pressure.

Oh, and another favour: in your demo reels, include a performance using your natural voice. Sometimes your own voice is the best voice for a role, you don’t have to do impressions to impress people.

With that being said, In Infiltration, we need to fill the following roles:





So, There you have it. Just act your socks off and send your files (in wav or mp3 form, and MUST have good quality!) to

We look forward to hearing from you!

He-Man - YouTube Channel TRAILER

And now, for a commercial...

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 75 (Re-uploaded): Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (Shell'tastic November!)

The Shell’tastic November continues!! With a definite step up from last week and also the last time we see live action turtles on film till... Well till Bay finishes with them.

This was originally episode 75 on our old Podomatic server.

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Japan No Toyzu: Super Guardion/Rescue Wing

Adding on to the last video we add a new member to the Rescue team from Fighbird and his name is Rescue Wing, inventive I know but does he really add a lot to Guardion? lets have a look

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

RCP - Episode 189: Those Attack Names ...

So me and the gang decided to take a look at the Kekko Kamen OVA, that was dubbed and released by ADV Films.

Everyone's reaction to this series was priceless, you should definitely watch this in a group, so bizarre for words.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Back to the Eighties - Cybertrax: Roll For It

It's the turn of Dom Blanco to sit in the co-host's seat this week, as Glenn takes on the episode that first introduced us to Chip Chase, ally of the Autobots, genius level intellect, and guy who turned Prowl into a First Person Shooter.

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes

The Old Oilhouse - Tricky Tries EP 1: Symbionic Titan

Tricky is a guy who likes to learn new things. This show gives YOU a reason to get him to try out things he may never have heard of. This time out, CCTFW (Andy Millman) takes his hand and shows him the delights of giant robits vs space aliens!

Download and comment HERE

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mettletester Reviews - Generations Springer (Thrilling 30!)

In which some cameos appear!

Masters of the Universe: Castle Grayskull

Welcome to a video review I thought I might never get the chance to do. Yes folks, I've managed to score myself an original Castle Grayskull! Here's where I show it off, and convince you of it's awesomeness.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 74 (Re-uploaded): Turtles Comin' Out of their Shells Live Tour (Shell'tastic November!)

It’s going to be a Shell’tastic November people... Wellllll maybe not at the start as we return to an old show... a painful show... Yes - it is the Turtles live show. There are worst things to watch yes - but none as fun to hear our hosts in pain over.

This was originally episode 74 on our old Podomatic server.

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes

Friday, November 08, 2013

Back to the Eighties - Episode 167

Happy, Happy Hallowe'en! Yes, yes, I know it's not Hallowe'en anymore, but we're spotlighting Hallowe'en 3: Season of the Witch anyway. Because it's awesome. No matter *what* they said in the Eighties.

We're also reporting all the news that's cool and relevant this week (including some exciting Transformers news, Turtles rumblings and Star Wars firming up) as well as all of the usual banter.

So, join Glenn, Phil & Sam, and remember, don't forget to put on your mask for the great giveaway - keep watching the flashing pumpkin!

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 131: Behind The Toys with John Kent

Thanks to @JohnDoctorKent for the time taken tonight to talk about his experiences in bringing back Mordles, Manglors and Roboforce.

You can find these at

Download The Show HERE

Monday, November 04, 2013

Back to the Eighties - Inside the Eighties Studio #5: Stardub

This week sees the return of ITES, and a very special guest indeed - Stardub, aka Ralph! Yes folks, we finally got to him. So join us please, as we take a voyage inside the mind of a man who thinks that Jason of Star Command is cool, and who owns all of the Acorn Green comics.

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Shut Up and Watch This! - Tales from the Nerdsphere: An… experience

WELCOME - for the final Halloween special of 2013 we thought we would try something different - sit back - listen - and please tell us what you think.

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 42 (Re-uploaded): Shaun of the Dead (Halloween Throwback)

This show was originally aired in 2013 for the last Halloween run of specials as Episode 42 of Shut Up and Watch this. Join Logan, Slick and Stu as they go looking for a cornetto in Shaun of the Dead.

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes

Back to the Eighties - MOTU Special

Yes folks, it's time to round off the very loose Masters of the Universe trilogy on Back to the Eighties with a special episode completely dedicated to He-Man, She-Ra, Skeletor and all of the other great characters from Eternia, Etheria and beyond!

Joining me on this retrospective are our good friends Dom Blanco (in his first EVER BTTE appearance), and Chris Vint (in his first BTTE appearance in about two and half years!) Come with us on a journey from the very first baby steps that He-Man took in 1982, all the way through to 200X and remember - if you see Skeletor's face on a bottle, be sure NEVER to drink from it!

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes

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