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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Old Oilhouse - Quick, Change The Channel EP 08: Surf Ninjas

Rob "Khaosenvy" and "Wild" Bill take the reins this week, whilst poor, poor Stu "Darkageis" goes in blind.

Listen to it HERE... If you dare....

Back to the Eighties - Episode 50

Where Glenn, Jeremy and Phil reveal your worst 5 video games of the 80s (Spectrum fans, you may not want to listen to this bit), report on all of the news from our favourite 80s franchises, and answer a question or two.

Also, gratuitous cross-podcast product placement!

Listen to episode 50 HERE!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

[COMMENTARY] Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 5: Macross Plus: Movie Edition

Timey is joined by WTF@TFW's GogDog to talk about an anime that they both enjoy and love: the movie adaptation of the "Macross Plus" OVA series.

Listen to the commentary HERE

For non-DVD owners, you can follow the commentary with the movie by going HERE

Please leave your feedback by visiting the forum thread HERE

Apologies yet again for the bird. I promise she will not be around for the next recording, LOL.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

[COMMENTARY] Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 4: Doctor Who - The Three Doctors

In a special dedication to the actor Nicolas Courtney, Timey is joined by Dreadwind & Soundwave SG-1 to talk about The Brigadier's finest hours, The Three Doctors.

(Artwork by Daryl Joyce)

Listen to the commentary HERE

For non-DVD owners, you can watch the story HERE

Please leave your feedback by visiting the forum thread HERE

Thursday, February 24, 2011

[COMMENTARY] Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 3: All-Star Superman

In dedication to writer Dwayne McDuffie, Time Lord & Kalelprime provide a commentary to one of his last works - a movie adaptation of Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly's "All-Star Superman".

Listen to the episode HERE

One of "The Maestro's" last interviews can be seen HERE

Pay your respects by visiting Dwayne McDuffie's forum HERE

Please leave your feedback by visiting "The Nerdsphere Network" forum HERE

And check out Kalelprime's other fan commentary for our brother show "Back to the Eighties" HERE

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back to the Eighties - Movie Commentary: Superman - The Movie (1978)

Where Glenn is joined by Dave (a.k.a. KalelPrime) to take a look at this classic superhero movie (pretty much the first, in fact), to see if we can still believe a man can fly, or whether Superman gets caught up in his cape.

NB: Sadly, I can't find a link to this movie online, I did have a good look. You can pick the movie up cheap or through 'other means' though.

Listen to the commentary HERE!

[OBITUARY] Nicholas Courtney (1929 - 2011)

Whenever I find out that an individual has passed away, I write an obituary on here as a way of marking our respect to that person for entertaining us in the various fandoms throughout the years. I cannot do this for Nicholas Courtney as the man deserves so much more. Yes, as a Doctor Who fan, this will come across as somewhat biased, but I truly respect Nicolas Courtney for what he has given to the fans over the years. I have to do this in person...

My respects go out to the family of Nicolas Courtney at this time.

You can read Nicolas Courtney's Wiki entry HERE

Five Rounds Rapid, sir!

May you Rest in peace.

Thank you.

Jeff Anderson offering limited commissions!

The following news story was brought to us by KingGrimlock via this THREAD on our forum.

"The chance of a life time is upon you ladies and gentlemen.

Marvel UK Transformers artist Jeff Anderson is opening commissions for the first time to a very limited number of fans. This will more than likely be a one off thing so grab your chance to have the man, who was first to bring Galvatron to the public, create something specifically for you!

Just PM me and I will give you Jeff's email to contact him. And if you haven't, go and listen to our interview with the great man himself on the Underbase."


The Random Fandom - Episode 21: Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?

The girls give you some news of a bunch of reboots, some robots and a story of men vs. computers. Let’s get technical! Can't have some technical news without bringing in the talents of "The IT Crowd". Come and join our discussion about this great British TV show!

Guillermo del Toro producing ‘Pinocchio’
Terminator Reboot
Zombies Vs. Robots
Promo Trailer for 'Isolation'
Rob Zombie Reveals More on 'Lords of Salem'
Rutger Hauer Handed Van Helsing's Cape for Argento's 'Dracula 3D'!
MEMORIAL - Len Lessor
Ted Williams Gets Reality Show
We Have Our Wonder Woman
Man Vs. Computer on Jeopardy…the Results
Nathan Fillion to Buy Rights to Firefly?
Monkees on Tour
Big Names for Arizona Benefit for Shooting Victims
New Format for iTunes
Iron Maiden Guitarist On Grammy Win
Former Exodus Frontman Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza
Kuma’s Corner
Westminster Crowns New Champion
Dogs Sniff Out More than Drugs

The IT Crowd
* Featured Song of the Week
‘Miss You In a Heartbeat’ by Def Leppard

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[OBITUARY] Dwayne McDuffie

Comic Book / Television writer Dwayne McDuffie has died from causes yet unknown. Amongst McDuffie's credits (Which included stints in both Marvel & DC) was the co-founding of the African-American comic book company Milestone Media (which entered a publishing partnership with DC Comics and recently had it's continuity merged with DC's) which amongst it's characters included Static, who later appeared in his own cartoon series "Static Shock" to which McDuffie produced and wrote 11 episodes.

This then led to involvement with other TV shows, mostly serving as both story editor and writer, in such shows as Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited, and the two Ben 10 sequel series "Alien Force" and "Ultimate Alien".

He was also involved in the DC Universe series of animated movies, writing both "Crisis of Two Earths" (Adapting Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly's "Earth Two") and his last known work, "All-Star Superman" (adapted from Grant Morrison / Frank Quietly book).

Check out the Wiki entry HERE
And you can also check out Dwayne McDuffie's forum HERE

Our respects go out to the the family of Dwayne McDuffie at this time.

Logan Blaze: FIRE WALKER! (The video proof)

Nerdsphere forum member and "Shhh! We're Watching a Movie" co-host Logan Blaze shows us the details of his firewalk, which he did this past sunday. Enjoy!

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 41: American Maid?

Stu, Rob and the one known as WILDBILL!!! come together to talk about Toyfare, Wrestling, Fluffy Creatures...and Transformers.... Maybe?

Download and comment HERE or HERE.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to the Eighties - Episode 49

Where Glenn, Jeremy and Phil discuss your top 5 video games of the 80s, report on the last vestiges of Toy Fair 2011 news (with some Ghostbusters news in there this time around) and even get the chance to answer some of your questions.

And take the mickey out of Tygra. A lot.

Listen to episode 49 HERE!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

[COMMENTARY] Shut Up and Watch This! - Episide 2: Saban's Masked Rider "Escape From Edenoi" Parts 1 & 2

Timey & CobraCommanderTFW subject themselves to the first two episodes of Saban's "successful" adaptation of Toei's Kamen Rider Black RX (and a little Kamen Rider ZO) for your amusement. Enjoy!

You can watch alongside us via the embedded videos below:

Then post your thoughts on The Nerdsphere Network forum: HERE

Friday, February 18, 2011

[CHARITY] Firewalk: Support Logan Blaze

Paul Anderson, "Shhh! We're Watching a Movie" co-host Logan Blaze, will be taking part in a Firewalk in aid of the Stroke Association this Sunday (February 20th). Please support him by checking out the website below and sponsor him. We wish Paul all the best in his Firewalk along with his two work colleagues.

Check out the "Just Giving" website here for more information

The Old Oilhouse - TOO RoundTable EP 24: Halo: Conversation De-Evolved

EP 24 - Halo: Conversation De-Evolved

PictureIt's Stu, Rob and that strange fella, and they want to talk to you about the HALO franchise!

Download and Comment HERE, Soldier!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Random Fandom - Episode 20: Transforming the Golden Highlander

Slick brings a special silent guest to the show as we talk about the happenings in Hollywood as well as celebrate the Highlander of the Golden Girls, Betty White and the remarkable career she's had in 89 years.

‘Kiss Me When You Come Home’ by Hanson
‘Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz’ by Pretty Boy Floyd
The ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ Theme by Clowns for Progress

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Recorded on February 15, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to the Eighties - Episode 48

Where Glenn, Phil and a very special guest discuss your top 5 movie heroes from the 80's and report on all of the Toy Fair 2011 news for our favourite franchises and more.

Sadly, no questions this week, as there's a LOT of news this week.

Listen to the episode 48 HERE!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 40: MAYBE HIM SLAG?

Stu, Rob and LijaHurter????? LinjaHunter??? What's-his-name turn up to party all night and talk news, reviews and Stu's underroos.

Enjoy: HERE

Friday, February 11, 2011

A review of SCOURGE, by All the Cool Stuff

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Random Fandom - Episode 19: Choke on This!

* Dead Space to be Adapted to Film
* Odd Thomas Coming to the Big Screen


Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti & Spearhead

Sunday, February 06, 2011

[COMMENTARY] Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 1: Shin Kamen Rider Prologue

Timey, GWolf & JiiDee take us through one of the most controversial entries in the Kamen Rider franchise and try and convince you the listeners as to why we think it's getting a bad rap.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Roll Out 2: Roll Call (News & Confirmed Guests)

Time Lord starts off a month long news segment for the Roll Call event with this inaugural video. Check it out!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Back to the Eighties - Episode 47

Where Glenn and Phil discuss your top 5 80's movie villains (mwah hah hah), report on all the news that's fit to talk about, and answer your questions. Also, for some bizarre reason, talk about comic books quite a bit. Perhaps we should talk about some 80's comics - what say you?

Listen to episode 47 HERE!

Details for "Roll Out 2: Roll Call" including CONFIRMED GUESTS!

"All The Cool Stuff" Weekly Update

Hello and welcome to your weekly Transformers update from All The Cool Stuff.

Generations Kup and Scourge arrived today and are in stock.

We have limited numbers of available after pre-orders, so if you have yet to place an order, please get in touch asap before they are all snapped up: HERE

The other big news this week, the guests for Roll Out/ Roll Call 2 have been announced: HERE

Special advance tickets will be available through soon, which will allow access to some of the limited exclusives planned for the show on a 'first come, first served' basis.
This will give those who are unable to make the show on the day the opportunity to purchase some of the limited products. I can reveal that there are some very cool exclusives, which combined with the great guest list, make for an amazing event, so make sure you don't miss out.

If anyone is heading to the SFX Weekender this weekend in Camber Sands, be sure to stop by our stand and say hello :o)

If you have any questions, queries or requests, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best,
Dave Tree

All The Cool Stuff

64 High Street

Tel: 01425 650696
You Tube Channel:

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Marty Isenberg Interview from Radio Free Cybertron

Our friends over at Radio Free Cybertron (Brian Kilby and JD Church) interview Beast Machines & Transformers Animated writer Marty Isenberg!

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