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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[PODCAST] Vaudiosonic - Episode 4: Toyetic Videodrome

NOTE: This podcast was originally recorded for the / TGWTG websites on June 2nd 2011.

Vangelus and Peaugh have a chat about the good ol' days of $1 Animated Voyagers on ebay, getting into video reviewing, and more as they sit down in a hotel room at Botcon 2011.

Want to download an audio copy or subscribe on iTunes? Head to the show page on HERE

Visit Vangelus Central's series page HERE


It's That Time Of Week Again!

First up is the Lock-In SDCC episode (better late than never we guess)

Download it HERE

Secondly is Episode 5 of the Happy Hour!

It's number 5...or the recorded sessions of crazy that Grandmaster Tricky presides over. And this time.... you better be paying attention if your going to Auto Assembly...

Download it HERE

Next is Ep 17 of the Ol Arcade.

The Arcadians Ride Again! With one extra person.....and then one by one they fall....

Download it HERE

Lastly, we have started to try something new over on the Oilhouse Site. Its Total Knock Off!

Go HERE to see how you can get in on the fun.

Back to the Eighties - Episode 111

It's very nearly time for Auto Assembly, and this episode sees Phil and Glenn discuss what you're going to get signed at this year's convention, as well as all the lovely things you'll be buying there this year - 'citing!

Also, all the important news from SDCC and TFCon, as well as questions answered, and a little discussion about the 'lympics. Have you been bitten by the Olympic dog?

Listen to Episode 111 HERE, or subscribe on iTunes, or Stitcher (using the promo code EIGHTIES)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

RCP vs FF - EP 84: Power Rangers Steroid Force!

Sorry folks but this week it's 2 editions of the fanfic podcast. We've had some trouble with the review podcast but hopefully it should be up sometime next week.

In the meantime why not check out this 'delightful' fanfic we found where the entire team is on steroids. ... Only the Power Rangers fandom folks!

Stardub - 2.14: Sometimes the bear gets you, sometimes you nuke the bear from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Battle Beasts Issue 1 from IDW Publishing kicks off this episode, as we see not only the return of this slightly obscure toy franchise, but also card covers to IDW comics. Ralph also regales us with his surefire way to stopping a bear. Though it's not without some drawbacks, or should I say fallout.

MASK Issue 4 June 1987 published by DC Comics is so interesting that we end up testing Ralph's knowledge of 1980's America pro-wrestlers.

Warheads Issue 1 from Marvel UK reveals a rare criticism of purveyor of childhood joy Geoff Senior from one of the duo? Which one - well you'll need to listen.

Making their Triumphant return is Triumphant comics. We will be looking at The Chromium Man Issue 1 and Unleashed Issue 0. It's a tag team of turd in four colours. Also. One of these comics lets us down, even more than you thought possible.

Lucky listener Philip Ayres will get to determine the fate of these two comics, but you dear listener will need to wait till 2.15.

Head on over to HERE to download or subscribe via iTunes.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Shhhut Up and Watch This! - Episode 45: Die Hard with a Vengeance fan commentary

In another instalment from the Shhh! archives, Bazz, Sugar Bear Logan Blaze and Darkageis chit chat over the third part in the Die Hard franchise. How does the same guy get into the same shit.... thrice?

The NomCast - Auto Assembly 2012 Special

Its Time For another Auto Assembly and With Paul Eiding due partake in the classic 86 Transformers Movie and hold a Q&A it was only fitting that this special was put together. All 3 Guests of honour are feature of course. We couldnt leave out the fantastic Townsend Coleman and the Awesom Michael Bell.

Please enjoy the episode. show notes will be a little bit different this time around. They are lil extras that go with the main part of the episode and can be found HERE

This Special can be found HERE

And on I-Tunes of Course!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Master Avengers Theater - Episode 6

After a week's hiatus, Andy is rejoined by Mikey as they, alongside Chris McFeely, talk about the "true" Season opening of EMH: Breakout: parts 1 & 2.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back to the Eighties - Episode 110.5: The Alternative SDCC Show

Jii Dee and Andy cover the SDCC 2012 news from the brands that you don't normally hear about on Back to the Eighties as well as the missing Masters of the Universe news from the months of June/July.

Listen to Episode 110.5 HERE, or subscribe on iTunes, or Stitcher (using the promo code EIGHTIES)


Yep we're finally back and today we have an Ed, Edd N Eddy fanfic ready for you. In it Jonny goes crazy after losing his best friend Plank and by crazy we mean as in EVERYONE DIES!

... Got to love fanfics.


The girls not only talk about one of their favorite musicians, Billy Joel, but talk food and lots of news featuring a Random Fandom favorite, Guillermo Del Toro.  Find out what are the listeners favorite and most hated cover songs.


Doc Of The Dead of the Day
Stephen Spielberg and Chris Hemsworth Maybe Working Together
Del Toro's insane Pacific Rim footage blows the roof off Comic-Con
Transformer Writers Working on Sleepy Hollow Series
DETHKLOK Performs Aboard USS Midway Battleship At San Diego Comic-Con
McCartney and Springsteen Cut Short from Curfew
Super Fun ‘Grabbers’ Trailer Lives Up To The Irish ‘Tremors’ Comparison
Hulk Live-Action TV Series Is ‘Still On,’ Del Toro Assures
Punisher Short
Behind the Scenes of Paranorman
Del Toro and Perlman go public with Hellboy 3 plans
A Species Named After Bob Marley

"Hush" by Deep Purple
"I Can See Clearly Now" by Bob Marley
"We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel
"Piano Man" by Billy Joel
"A Matter of Trust" by Billy Joel
"It's Still Rock and Roll to Me" by Billy Joel
"Only the Good Die Young" by Billy Joel
"River of Dreams" by Billy Joel
"My Life" by Billy Joel
"An Innocent Man" by Billy Joel

Recorded on July 23, 2012


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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shhhut Up and Watch This! - Episode 44: Predator fan Commentary

The Sugar Bear, Logan Blaze is reunited with Bazz and Ad8m from the old Shhh! days to provide a brand new commentary on the Arnie classic and the inaugural movie in the Predator franchise called, er, Predator.

Check out the Shhh! Facebook group page HERE

Friday, July 20, 2012

[REVIEW] Japan No Toyzu: figma Chie Satonaka (Persona 4)

CobracommanderTFW looks at the inaugural human character in the Persona 4 figma line - the ever lovable Chie, and wishes this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

RCP - Episode 137: Alien Snoring

Another review for you folks and this time it's an Asylum screener. Many apoligises not just because how terrible a movie this was but also due to the lack of 'Vs Fanfic' ep this week hence why I'm releasing this.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Timey Reviews: Man's Dangly Parts

Actually its G1 Snarl, but what the hell.

The Old Oilhouse - (18/07/2012) Mega-Update!

We have a host of shows for you once more.

First up is the Ol' Arcade:

Once again, the gates open on a Ol' Arcade full of fun, frolics and.....Batman Impressions? And we discuss Night Trap and ponder on the legacy of the Side-Scrolling Beat-em-up. WARNING! CONTAINS AMAZING SPIDER-MAN SPOILERS!


Next is a Khaosenvy's Question Korner:

Rob has begun a descent into the gingery mind of the Ol Arcade's Wild Bill. We cannot be held accountable...

Download and Comment HERE

Thirdly, its a Iacon 201 months in the making...

This time out, Tricky takes on the Targetmaster of Toysellers...The Dominant Dom!

Download and Comment HERE

And finally its the Fourth Happy Hour...

The Happy Hour Horror rolls on with stories from conventions to shake your very soul.

Download and comment HERE

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

[PODCAST] Vaudiosonic - Episode 3: Dead Spaced 2


An intercontinental tribunal of Vangelus, Gogdog, and CCTFW continue to discuss their mutual love of Dead Space, then reconvene months later to look at Dead Space 2: Severed.

Want to download an audio copy or subscribe on iTunes? Head to the show page on HERE

Shhhut Up and Watch This! - Episode 43: Conan the Barbarian fan commentary

NOTE: This commentary was originally recorded in 2010 for the now sadly-departed "Shhh, We're Watching a Movie!" podcast, but is being brought back here to both re-archive the audiotrack and because we didn't want these shows to be lost in the annuls of history.


Bazz, the "Sugar Bear" Logan Blaze and Darkageis talk about the much loved and often imitated Arnie hit, Conan the Barbarian.

The Shhh! Facebook group is still going strong, and you can find it HERE

RCP - Episode 136: SUPER MUTATION!

Doesn't that CHS cover make it look awesome? Regardless today on the RCP we are proud to bring you a review/discussion of the 1st episode of the 2 part 'Mutant Turtles: Superman Legend' OVA, 'The Great Crisis of the Super Turtles! The Saint Appears!'


Blooming heck what a name right?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stardub - 2.13: Recriminations None

We kick things off talking about Laser Mission (a.k.a. Soldier of Fortune) in tribute to the passing of Ernest Borgnine.

We talk of our recent trip to Glasgow Comic Con, anecdotes about Chicken Farming and the Aids Suggestion Box in DC Comics and spend a lot of time proclaiming our love of Jim Starlin and Thanos.

We talk about Issue 81 of Regeneration One from IDW Publishing as the Transformers comics of 20 years ago continue and meet possibly their harshest critics. Will these comics pass muster?

The episode is rounded out with our thoughts on a recent cinematic excursion on the opening day of The Amazing Spider-Man – no we didn’t see that we went to watch the rerelease of the 1967 Hammer film version of Quatermass and the Pit.

Head over to HERE or grab it via iTunes.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The NomCast - Season 2 Episode 5: The Return Of Liam O'Brien

Its SDCC this month and well naturally not everyone can go there ( dont the tickets sell out in like....Seconds). Well We here at the NomCast still have some Awesome for all you Wonderful listeners out there.

Presenting Liam O'Brien's second Eirtakon Panel which is as much fun as the first one we presented.

So kick back and enjoy the show. BTW listen in to the very end

Make like a Wish on the Dragonballs and click to summon it HERE

Friday, July 13, 2012

Back to the Eighties - Movie Commentary: Batman & Robin (1997)

"Let's kick some ICE!"

That is all.

Listen to the commentary HERE, or subscribe on iTunes, or Stitcher (using the promo code EIGHTIES)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

[REVIEW] Armada Predacon (BW Transmetal Megatron repaint)

Timey dusts off the webcam to bring you a review the way only he can......

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Master Avengers Theater - Episode 5

This week, Andy is joined by the Diva herself, Nicole, and Radio Free Cybertron's JD Church, as they talk about episode 5 of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Antman / Wasp / Black Panther triple-header "The Man in the Anthill".

The Random Fandom - EPISODE 69: OF COURSE!!!

The gals talk about a great man off the screen as well as a giant on screen, Raul Julia. News of Hollywood, your questions and fun with what music brings you to your happy place.


MEMORIAL - Ernest Borgnine
* Ron Perlman Puts on the Hellboy Make-Up Again
* Fraggle Rock Spin-Off of Doozers
* Concept art shows Spidey and the Lizard were almost very different
* Assassin’s Creed Movie In the Works Staring Michael Fastbender
* Chew On A Red Band Trailer For ‘Bait 3D’
* Star Trek Next Generation Special Viewing
* Star Trek 2 Villain Update
* Independence Day Sequel
* 1st teaser trailer for insane Dinosaurs vs. Aliens project is here!
* Nick Frost & Chris O'Dowd in 'Cuban Fury' Dance Comedy
* Tom Baker Will Return For Doctor Who Anniversary

SONG OF THE WEEK - "East Bound and Down" by Jerry Reed

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Recorded July 9, 2012

Monday, July 09, 2012

[PODCAST] Vaudiosonic - Episode 2: Dead Spaced

Note: This podcast was first recorded for TGWTG /'s websites on April 22, 2011.

An intercontinental tribunal of Vangelus, Gogdog (@GogDog), and CCTFW (@CCTFW) assembles to discuss their mutual love of Dead Space.

Want to download an audio copy or subscribe on iTunes? Head to the show page on HERE

RCP - EP 135: Attack Of The Confusing Plot

Got something a little different today. For this episode I am joined by two special guests namely David and Martin as we discuss one of the most controversial episodes of 80s Doctor Who, 'Attack Of The Cybermen'.

Please enjoy.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Back to the Eighties - Episode 110

This week, it's time for Phil to take the spotlight, and tell us all about T-Bag (titter ye not). Yes T-Bag, the evil witch who was the scourge of kid's TV for 7 years through the 80's and 90's! Be afraid. Be very afraid. And hide the teasmade.

Also, it was Joecon, so expect a bumper news crop this week, along with some quite frankly scary Thundercats news, some great and not so great news from the Transformers universe, and some blimmin' expensive news from Spook Central!

We also answer a question about football mascots - just in time for Glenn to go on his holidays!

Listen to Episode 110 HERE, or subscribe on iTunes, or Stitcher (using the promo code EIGHTIES)

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 42: "Shaun of the Dead" fan commentary

This week, the "Sugar Bear" Logan Blaze is joined by Slick and Darkageis as they talk through one of their favourite movies from the dynamic duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Lets go to the pub!

[REVIEW] GI Joe Sigma Six: Crime Boss Destro

"Ok so here's a look at one of the really badass figures from the Sigma 6 line, yes it was a bad show but I think the toys are my fav of any GI Joe line. Have a look to see why..." - CCTFW

Master Avengers Theater - Episode 4

This week, Andy and Timey are joined by SU&WT host, the "Sugar Bear" Logan Blaze as they discuss the EMH episode "Meet Captain America".

Back to the Eighties - Movie Commentary: Batman Forever (1995)

Riddle me this: when is a Tim Burton Batman movie not a Tim Burton Batman movie? When it's Batman Forever!

After the dark love letter to German expressionist cinema that was Batman Returns, things get a little lighter with a new director, and a new cast in Batman Forever! Please join Glenn and Dave as they try and convince you that, unlike the next film, this one can be just as dark as the previous Batman movies, and has as much, if not more to say about the Dark Knight as they do!

Trust us, we're nerds.

Listen to the commentary HERE, or subscribe on iTunes, or Stitcher (using the promo code EIGHTIES)

Thursday, July 05, 2012

RCP Vs FF - EP 82: Hippy Kung-Fu Zombie Slayer!

Here it is folks the first episode of the 'Random Crap Podcast Vs Fanfiction' to debut on the Nerdsphere Network!

In case you're all confused 'RCP Vs FF' is a spin off to our main review podcast where we MST3K a fanfic to the best of our abilities.

Please keep in mind we do this for fun and a lot of the time for stress relief. Most of the fanfics we read we actually enjoy so please don't think we're being bullies to the writers. With that in mind please enjoy this weeks episode.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Minecraft on PC

The Minecraft Server for PC is now up and running.

If you are interested in joining place view the forum post HERE

The Old Oilhouse - (04/07/2012) Mega-Update!

First up we have Lock-In Ep 91!

Stu and Rob take a magical journey, holding the Happy Hour Host that is Tricky, by the hand.

Download and Comment HERE

Next up is the third Happy Hour episode.

Once again, The Terrible Technobot Tricky Takes on callers of all shapes and sizes in something thats not akin to a radio phone in show. o siree, not at all.

Download and comment HERE

Thirdly, Quick Change the Channel rears it's shark-like head again!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Podcast waters, Up pops another Quick! Change the Channel! With added Sugar Bear!

Download and Comment HERE

And last, but not least, it's Oileys' Ol' Arcade EP 15 - The Failure of a Sneak King.

Yet more retro gaming news and modern complaining by the grumpy gamers.

Download and Comment HERE

The Random Fandom - EPISODE 68: We Bust Your Myths

Those funny Americans and their explosions.  The girls get ready to celebrate Independence Day with Hollywood news, your questions and answers to best movie franchises...oh and we talk about some men who have the most fun job EVER!


0:00:35 - Intro/What We Did This Week
0:08:00 - News
0:51:50 - Spotlight
1:24:10 - Listener's Homework
1:44:45 - Questions for the Hosts
2:04:00 - Announcements and What We Learned
2:12:59 - "Ragged Old Flag" by Johnny Cash
2:16:08 - "Born in the U.S.A." by Bruce Springsteen

MEMORIAL - Nora Effron
MEMORIAL - Andy Griffith

*Chilling International Trailer for 'The Tall Man' Horror
* A Fest for Batman Fans: Warner Bros. Announce Plans To Bring All Six Batmobiles And More To SDCC
* Why a U.S. gov't agency was just forced to deny existence of mermaids
* Universal Monsters Coming to Blu-Ray
* British TV Series & Film 'The Inbetweeners' Getting US Adaptation
* Marvel Follow DC with Reboot
* Tell-All Book From STEVEN ADLER's Mother Pushed Back To August
* Cabin Fever Reboot
* Edgar Wright Has Directed a Test Reel for an Adaptation of 'Ant Man'
* Barbarella Coming to TV
* A Taste Of The Supernatural In Trailer For Period Horror ‘The Awakening’
* Who Is the New Highlander

TOPIC OF THE WEEK – Mythbusters
"Born in the U.S.A." by Bruce Springsteen
"Ragged Old Flag" by Johnny Cash


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Recorded on July 3, 2012

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

[REVIEW] Why You Should Care About Gutto Kuru

Friend of the Nerdsphere, WTF@TFW's GogDog (Who recently stood in for Timey on the Shut Up & Watch This! podcast for the Persona 4 Roundtable) posted this detailed review on the highly articulated Gutto Kuru toyline.

[PODCAST] Vaudiosonic - Episode 1: Apollo Change!

Note: Podcast was originally recorded on April 18th 2011. Show presented here with kind permission from Vangelus from it's original appearance from "That Guy With The Glasses" and the websites.

Realizing that they are a pair of hot-blooded men who enjoy some live-action special effects, Vangelus calls up Apollo Z. Hack to chat about Tokusatsu and why they dig it.

If you wish to check out some of Mister AZH's video wares: HERE

Want to download an audio copy or subscribe on iTunes? Head to the show page on HERE

Monday, July 02, 2012

[REVIEW] GWolfV3 Reviews "Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye" Issue 6

Moonbase 2 / Shut Up & Watch This! / Master Avengers Theatre co-host Mikey / GWolf does a lengthy and gushing review of James Roberts' latest opus.

Spoiler-free review HERE

Underbase review HERE

Sunday, July 01, 2012

RCP - EP 134: KO Toy Repaint Adventure!

RCP is short for 'Random Crap Podcast' btw folks. The good people here at the Nerdsphere were worried there might be some confusion.

Regardless I do hope you all enjoy our Nerdsphere Network debut with this review of a terrible dub by Joseph Lai of a Korean movie called 'Solar Adventure'. A movie so bad words cannot describe it, only this short YouTube clip can. Why not judge for yourself by listening and thank you in advance.

Stardub - 2.12: The dress code is Top Cat and Tales

Okay so instore for you this episode, a brief overview of the 2D Comic Festival which our team attended this year. We liked the festival, we hated the quiz and we will tell you why, with some swearing. We take a cinematic double bill of mind-staggering proportions in the guise of Top Cat: The Movie and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. There is anger and there is disappointment, is it confined to one of these films or both? Listen on.

Who’s Who in the DC Universe Issue gets looked at, or more importantly one page gets a look – the villainous Angle Man – for no reason other than the art accompanying his bio was drawn by none other than Jose Delbo. (Yes, Angle Man is doing a Delbo-pose)

Sh1ts and Googles has the words “saffron” and “walden” – suggested by Nerdsphere overlord – Timey2Wimey.

Available from HERE and to download via iTunes.

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