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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shhh! We're Doing a DVD Commentary - Big Trouble in Little China

Welcome to the Big Commentary in Little Shhh! Bazz, Paul and Guest Adam get into Big trouble in Little China. We join Jack as he gets in way over his head trying to rescue the leading lady in this eighties classic.

Grab a listen....HERE!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to the Eighties - Episode 75

Join Glenn, Phil and Jeremy (yes that's right - the Jer Bear is BACK!) as they discuss the 'classics' toys that you'd have that AREN'T Visionaries, report on all the news that's worth knowing this week in the world of toys, and answer some of your questions!

Stay tuned to Back to the Eighties, for exciting times are ahead!

Listen to episode 75 HERE!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 65: SPAAACE KITTEH!

There really isn't the words to explain this episode. There really isn't. There's some singing. And a Titanus.

As usual, Download and Comment HERE

Friday, August 26, 2011

By Special Request - A dedication to Mary

Today was the funeral of Mary, mother of artist and regular Nerdsphere contributor Simon Williams, who sadly passed away during Auto Assembly weekend. At 2.15pm UK time, as per mutual request from Simon, many members of the Nerdsphere Network, as well as across the internet, have played an Elvis Presley song in dedication to one of his biggest fans. I have decided to put up some of the songs as a mark of respect, and will be passing the link to Simon shortly.

From Time Lord / Matt Clarke and DeathRay / Geoffrey Sproule

From Kinggrimmy / Matt Messenger

From DrMellski / Stephen Mellor

From CybertronAx / Shawn Smith

From Logan Blaze / Paul Anderson

From Grufflock / Adam Nicol and JBot / Jamie Adey

From Dreadwind / Glenn Jakeman

From Big Pete / Peter Casselö

From Silvermoon1981 / Sam Armstrong

From SoundwaveSG1 / Tony Thrustle

We've got your back, brutha! Take care in this time, all our thoughts are with you.

To you, Mary, You have a good son, he will be well taken care of. Rest in Peace.

- Matt.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Masters of the Universe Chronicles - Interview with Spy Monkey Creations: Brian T Stevenson!

Hey Guys welcome back to another packed edition of Masters of the Universe Chronicles.

James "Roboto" Garnhart and Netlex share with us some of their contributions which are awesome as always, major thanks to those two for sending them in. Also thank you to everyone who sent in questions for the interview in this episode which was with Brian T Stevenson from Spy Monkey Creations. He answers the questions you sent in and gives a few ideas of what may instore for all the fans of Spy Monkey Creations.

If you want to see one of their products reviewed, check out this video by "Pixel" Dan on their new Sword of Ages product!

You can contact the show by emailing or if you are on Skype - Vinto316. There is a Facebook page you can join and you can do that by going HERE and there is a brand new twitter account and its MOTUChronicles.

Masters of the Universe Chronicles will celebrate its 2nd year anniversary/birthday on 19th September, if you would like to please send an mp3 file to and have it played on the show! Many thanks!

Click HERE to listen.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Random Fandom - Episode 38: Bellybutton Findings

Things never change as the girls come together after Nic’s long week of being computerless. See what exciting news stories the girls conger up this week along with some great last minute questions for our listeners. Join in on the crazy chatter of everyone’s favorite Goth Kinfolk, The Addams Family. And what’s this talk of fire and bellybutton nastiness?!?

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Recorded on August 23, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[PODCAST] Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 20: Howard the Duck Fan commentary

Listen to the Commentary HERE

Logan Blaze (Covering for Timey), Grufflock and Dr Mellski talk through one the Lucas-produced, critically-panned adaptation of the Marvel Comics character. One of the three didn't like this movie, the other two love it. Can you tell who it is?

You can follow with us via "Other means" here:

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 64: Is Your T-Shirt Warm?

A week after AA ended, Your illustrious hosts band together to, well do the usual rambling and wrong-doing.

Download and Comment HERE

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to the Eighties - Episode 74

Where Glenn and Phil talk about this year's Auto Assembly, discuss your best convention experiences, report on all of the toy news that's worth listening to this week (including lots of confusing Matty Collector news), and even find time to answer a couple of questions and bitch about the current state of music (because, well, they're old.)

Listen to episode 74 HERE!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Old Oilhouse - The Litter Tray EP 1

We here at TOO love the 2011 Thundercats. So, as a result, here are our thoughts and discussions on Episodes 1 and 2, Sword of Omens and Ancient Spirits of Evil

Download and comment HERE

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 63: Live From The Admiral's Club Part 1

This is what happen when two podcasts collide.....

Download and comment HERE

The Old Oilhouse - Khaosenvy's Question Korner EP 1: Kris Carter

For the inaugural episode of KQK, Rob talks to U.K. based Artist and IDW Colourist Kris Carter.

You can find Lou Scannon Issue 1 HERE

Download this episode and comment HERE

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Random Fandom - Episode 37: That Ain’t No Gambit!

Slick and Nic are at it again! Even though it was a very slow news week, we manage to bring you some stories along with some fun banter. Join us this week as we spotlight "X-men" and come up with a term we think is T-shirt worthy.

* Bradley Cooper Out of “The Crow” Remake, New Casting Starts
* Lone Ranger Shot Down Like a Lame Horse
* 'The Walking Dead's Cinematographer Becomes Director
* SFX Work in Progress for 'The Lords of Salem'
* Latest 'Apollo 18' Clip Keeps You in the Dark
* MEMORIAL - Jani Lane
* Gosselins Have Been Cancelled…FINALLY
* Real Housewife Husband Found Dead
* Bert & Ernie Will Not Marry
* Amy Winehouse Movie…Already?!?
* Indiana State Fair Tragedy
* KISS Dropped From Michael Jackson Tribute Concert
* Diamond Head Guitarist: 'We Would've Faded Away In The Late '80s Without Metallica'
* Accidental Deaths Linked to Culture of Honor

SONGS OF THE WEEK - 'Cherry Pie' and 'Heaven' by Warrant

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Recorded on August 16, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stardub - Episode 7: "Don't Ask, Don't Smurf"

We’re back after only a few days between the last episode.

This episode the team review Bagpuss Live – a show at the Edinburgh Fringe, starring everybody’s favourite cloth cat. A great show, but an unusual viewing experience. Thrill to the Marvel UK William Tell Special – as well as some news relating to the podcast’s coverage of all things Marvel UK . We round things out with our thoughts on the new film – The Smurfs.


The Random Fandom - Episode 36: Getting Tongue-Tied from a Big, Hairy, Shiny Man-Child

Things get a bit crazy when we have the ring leader of The Old Oilhouse podcast as a special guest. Adam aka Grufflock brings out the best and the worst of the gals. Many great stories from the world of entertainment, a spotlight on Tim Curry, homework on what others have to say about their favorite misquotes in Hollywood and then we answer your questions.

* More Added to the Cast of Expendables 2
* Half of Hitchcock’s First Film Found
* Avengers Filming in Cleveland
* Ms. Three Boobs Will Be Back
* Zombies Will Invade the 2012 London Olympics
* Willem Dafoe and Rob Kazinsky for 'Pacific Rim'
* NECA Adds Deer Head to 'Evil Dead 2' Accessories
* MEMORIAL - Christopher Mayer
* MEMORIAL - Annette Charles
* MEMORIAL - Bubba Smith
* X-Factor Has Lawsuit Before Premiere
* Bye-Bye Desperate Housewives
* No Jerry Lewis for MDS Telethon
* Kings of Leon Cancel Nation Tour
* Gavin DeGraw Attacked in NYC
* Mystery Woman In “The Kiss” Photo Revealed
* Former Deep Purple Keyboardist Jon Lord Diagnosed With Cancer
* Dee Snider, Flavor Flav To 'Wife Swap' For TV Show
* 'God Bless Ozzy Osbourne' To Hit Movie Theaters
* Swedish Man Arrested Over Home Made Nuclear Reactor

“Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show
“I Don’t Want To Be” by Gavin DeGraw
“Hush” by Deep Purple

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Recorded on August 9, 2011

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Auto Assembly Statement Regarding Birmingham Unrest

Direct from the AA Team:

"Hi everyone,

In light of the recent, saddening news coming from various cities around the UK, the Auto Assembly Committee has been flooded with questions, as you might imagine. Our response has been purposefully delayed and carefully considered - we are sure you will understand that we are faced with a unique situation and we wanted to take the opportunity to consider every possible eventuality.

To anybody who doesn’t know, there have been reports of isolated pockets of civil unrest in Birmingham. West Midlands Police have confirmed they will have a very large Police presence on the streets tonight to ensure that they continue to calm the situation. Like everybody in the UK right now, we are thankful for the great job that the Officers are doing at present in such difficult circumstances.

Nevertheless, we are pleased to announce that as things stand, Auto Assembly 2011 will go ahead as planned... and is going to rock! As the song goes, “Nothing’s gonna stand in our way, not tonight!”

Now, we are keeping a constant eye on the news and on official Police press releases so, if this situation changes we promise we will make an announcement the second we find out. But rest assured, we have no intentions whatsoever of cancelling Europe’s biggest and best Transformers convention unless we are presented with absolutely no alternative. The show, as they say, must go on!

However - it is of the utmost importance that all our convention goers please bear a few things in mind to ensure that we all have a fantastic and most importantly, a safe convention this weekend.
  1. Auto Assembly 2011 is still ON.
  2. Allow extra travelling time to and from the convention.
  3. Don't go out of the hotel alone. Try to stay in groups for safety.
  4. Don't go out of the hotel after dark on your own.
  5. Keep valuables safe at all times.
  6. Be vigilant.
  7. Please look out for each other and be safe.
As we say, if for any reason the situation changes we will inform you as soon as we can, but at present Auto Assembly 2011 is ON!!!! We just need to take extra care in looking after each other this year Transformers fans.

Finally, remember that for those of you arriving in Birmingham one or two days early, you can pick up your passes on Thursday afternoon between 2:00 and 4:00 pm which will make your admission to the convention Much easier. Trish and Simon will be in the hotel bar on the second floor to do this but you must contact us in advance to let us know.

Anyway, we're looking forward to seeing you all in a few days.

The Auto Assembly Team"

And just to further hammer this point home, A video from our very own Timelord:

Masters of the Universe Chronicles - "Creatures from the Tar Swamp" Commentary

Welcome to another Masters of the Universe Chronicles Commentary!

In another episode of our commentaries episodes, Chris and He-Man cartoon expert James “Busta Toons ” Eatock commentate on “Creatures from the tar swamp”. This is a very random commentary due to Mr Eatock. Why is that? All will be revealed. Well the episode commentary will divulge lots of information, mainly from Mr Eatock so no need to panic! So if you have the DVD, why not join us by popping it in your player. All you need do is press the play button on your DVD remote when we instruct you to! The audio of the episode is in the background so you will hear what we’re talking about regardless. 

Head over to the Nerdsphere boards and post what episodes you would like to hear us perform commentaries on by clicking HERE.

Click HERE to listen.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Back to the Eighties - Episode 73

Where Glenn and Phil discuss which Transformers you'd buy if money and availability weren't an issue, try and rustle up some news from the depths of Tartarus, and answer some of your questions.

Also, we get ready for the impending Auto Assembly - the countdown is on!

Listen to episode 73 HERE!

Shhh! We're Doing a DVD Commentary - ROBOShhh!

That's right we're back and we're diving straight in with the Eighties classic ROBOCOP.

Join me , Paul and our guest Ad8m as we get to grip with the Paul Verhoeven's ultra violent social statement. Enjoy as we tackle the cyborg that help influence the way movies were made in the eighties.


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@ The Nerdsphere Network
@ The Shhh! We're watching a movie! Facebook group

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Stardub - Episode 6: We Love You Joust The Way You Are

It’s been far to long between episodes but join Ralph and Andy once again for more Stardub shenanigans. This time assisted by the Kaptain and’s very own Gav Spence.

Thrill to the muffled outdoor recording at Linlithgow Palace! Then recoil in terror as we tackle Van-Pires Transform, Superman IV and the usual nonsense.

No William Tell this episode, Ralph forgot. Next time though, scouts honour!


Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 62: And A 1000 Slash Fictions Were Born...

With Stu badly wounded in The Narwhal Battles, A WildBill steps in to take a look at Thundercats, Twitt-ORR and ....Beer.

Comment and Download HERE

Friday, August 05, 2011

Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Anderson!

Today Rob Anderson, one of our longest-serving moderators (known as Valentine75), got married to his fiancée Kas. I first met Rob through the Moonbase 2 forum & Kaz through Skype in 2009 where she let me entertain their young son Alex through a webcam by pulling silly faces at him. In 2010 I finally got to met Rob & Kas at Auto Assembly and they are one of the sweetest couples you will ever come across. Alas, I couldn't accept the invite to attend the wedding today due the multiple financial difficulties, but I like to think I'm up there in spirit.

Congratulations Rob, Kas and little Alex. I hope one of these days we will meet again :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

SDCC reveals on Masters of the Universe Chronicles!

Welcome back to another packed edition of Masters of the Universe Chronicles. This time there is a lot to talk about since the San Diego Comic Con reveals went down. To help Chris, he had Rob Base talk about a few figures that he took a shine too and also regarding the MOTU comics that are making a welcome return. Before we get to the next segment you will hear the audio from the Toy Masters documentary trailer. Interesting stuff! Roger Lay Jr will be returning onto Masters of the Universe Chronicles so please send Chris your questions via email or on the facebook page and you can join his facebook page, just type in Toy Masters.

Up next is Dylan Cook and Mike Lacey. They then cover some of the other figures as well as talking about the Masters of the Universe Classics Create a Character. Since this isn't opened to the international fans, this is something that Dylan and Chris go over. Last but by no means least is Wade Thurman who was at the convention and he goes over the atmosphere, what freebies he got as well! Wade goes over the fan vote that was at the convention and more importantly what colour he voted for on a certain mythical dragon. Wade also sent Chris the audio he recorded from the Mattypalooza panel and it is in the end of the show after you hear "Let the power return" and runs for about 35 mins! just a little bonus for you all! You can contact the show by emailing or if you are on Skype - Vinto316. There is a Facebook page you can join and you can do that by going to and Vinto316 on Twitter. Thanks as always for listening!

Click HERE to listen.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

[PODCAST] Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 19: The Incredible Hulk 1982 Cartoon Fan Commentary

Listen to the commentary HERE

Hi, True Believers! This week, Timey is joined by comic artist Simon "Hollywood" Williams as they watch episodes 3 & 4 of the 1982 Incredible Hulk cartoon series. Excelsior!

You can watch with them via the embedded YouTube videos below:

Origin of the Hulk

When Monsters Meet

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