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Sunday, April 29, 2012

SHHH! We're Watching a Movie! - Episode 23: Shhh!! ASS-EMBLE!

Hi and welcome again to Shhh!!! We’re Watching a Movie where we give you all the TV and Film news you may have missed but may have missed or may not have wanted – regardless – YOU ARE GETTING DOWN YOUR THROAT LIKE A 6” SUBWAY MEAL!! This episode we come on after a momentous event, where the stars have aligned, heroes have converged and everyone is going to see the Avengers…of course neither of us has seen it yet SOOOO no reviews yet…but FOR THORS SAKE – go watch it and lets now AVENGE THIS SHOW!!

Special thanks to The Avengers Boy Band - HERE




Nerdsphere Hall Of Fame: Class of 2012!

Another "Official" Hall of Fame has been and gone, and unfortunately our golden boy didn't make it in. However, this has given me the inspiration to open up our very own Hall of Fame! Each year, a character or characters who we feel are "Due a win" will enter our hallowed halls and will be immortalized with the greats. So, without further ado, the participants in our inaugural ceremony is.....


We at the Nerdsphere, Full Metal Hero and many other places have been clamoring for Scrounge's inclusion in the Hasbro Hall of Fame, but it simply wasn't to be. He has, however, found a place in our hearts and this is our way of saying thanks to a true hero.


Unlike our beloved Scrounge, Wheeljack DID get a Hall of Fame placement! For years at the Nerdsphere, Wheeljack has been "Due a win" and has fallen at every hurdle. However, he rose above it all, and strived for victory! Not only that, but he continues to fight adversity from pessimistic fans. A true warrior.


A true craftsman of the arts. Kyle was responsible for the safe transportation of many a away team (Often led by the captain, the first officer and it's chief medical officer) to a hostile planet. A gentleman and a scholar through and through, Kyle is only crewmember deemed worthy of a HoF entry!


What is there to say? Dan Hibiki is the true star of Street Fighter. Guaranteed to always be the talking point at parties.


Well, it is what is it...

Congratulations to everybody who got in, and lets hear it for the NERDSPHERE HALL OF FAME, CLASS OF 2012!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back to the Eighties: Jer and Glenn Shoot the Shit - Episode 5

After a couple of weeks away (due to Jer having a new arrival at his place), STS is back, and this week, we're talking about an issue that's pretty much affected us all - the rise of the geek!

We also take a look at another Transformers UK story, this time around it's the only time that the cartoon and comic ever really mixed, as we ponder over the mighty Decepticon Dam Busters!

Listen to Episode 5 HERE, or subscribe on iTunes, or Stitcher (using the promo code EIGHTIES)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

THE RANDOM FANDOM - Episode 61: DJ Wild Bill the Motley Brony

This week the gals bring in DJ Wild Bill to spice things up! We talk about Motley Crew, give out youranswers about if you made headlines, answer your questions and perfect the artof going off topic.

0:00 - Intro
0:00:45 - What We Did This Week
0:22:15 - Entertainment News
1:01:45 - Spotlight
1:49:40 - Listener Question
2:02:15 - Questions for the Hosts
2:42:16 - Song of the Week
2:47:06 - Outtakes

Recorded April 24, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Old Oilhouse - Oiley's Ol' Arcade EP 08: Head Full Of Jimmy Smits

This is the episode where we realize that picking games is not just tactical, but spiteful too....

Download and Comment HERE

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 37: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Vs. Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie fan Commentary

This week, Timey is joined by Moon and Bob / Hulkster as they chunter through the Gokaiger / Gavan crossover movie that was made to celebrate the Metal Hero franchise's 30th Anniversary.

About the Panel:

Matt / Time Lord (@Timey2Wimey): Is the co-owner of The Nerdsphere Network, and producer of this very show. Former host of the Autobot City Podcast and has appeared on Moonbase 2, Radio Free Cybertron, The Random Fandom and The Old Oilhouse. He has a Youtube account which you can find HERE

Moon (@Moon31624) is a former participant of the now defunct Dude Wait What? podcast, and has appeared on all of our Super Sentai / Power Rangers commentaries.

Hulkster (@HulksterB51) is a former co-host of the Dude Wait What? podcast, and has previously appeared in our Super Mario Bros. movie commentary.

Stardub - 2.7: Revenge of the Moomintrolled

We kick things off by checking in on our friends Fun Pub with the most recent issue of The Transformers Collectors Club Magazine. (Somebody goes off on one about Jhiaxus – it’s not who you’d think.

We tell you just how tasty the Doctor Who Celebration Cake is in a second Stardub Taste Challenge.

For fans of great literature we look over the mighty tome that is The Secret of the Sword Ladybird book. A gift courtesy of friend of the show Glenn “Dreadwind” Jakeman of the splendid Back to the 80′s podcast.

Grufflock of The Old Oil House podcast demanded that we speak of Zoids and in particular the Marvel UK comic. Which we had no qualms in doing. He also hijacked Shits and Googles and suggested Ralph search for an image search and the words “Moomin” and “Costume”.

The show ends with Ralph exacting revenge on Andy for the Moomin DVD.

Download via HERE or subscribe via iTunes.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shhh! We're Doing a DVD Commentary - THE UNTOUCHABLES

Get your Sean Connery impressions at the ready peeps!!

Join Paul, Bazz and Adam as we take a look at Brian De Palma's 1987 masterpiece, The Untouchables!!

Many thanks to Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan for the music - go check them out on YouTube




Back to the Eighties - Episode 101

What's that? Where's Jii, you say? Where's the number one purveyor of all the Masters of the Universe news you'll ever wish to hear?

Right here on Back to the Eighties, of course!

There's also your answers on the subject of Masterforce to discuss as well, PLUS all the rest of the news to marvel at, so there's really no excuse not to listen to this week's bumper edition, really.

Listen to Episode 101 HERE, or subscribe on iTunes, or Stitcher (using the promo code EIGHTIES)

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Old Oilhouse - Roundtable EP 32: All Hail Megatron


Download and Comment HERE

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The Zombie Godfather, George Romero enters our spotlight! We have a great time giving you some news, find out what kind of talking animals you'd like for pets as well as answer some great questions from our listeners.

* Former Guns N' Roses Members Perform With Myles Kennedy at Rock Hall Induction
* Doctor Who Filming in NYC
* Watch 20 awesome minutes of behind-the-scenes Avengers footage
* Madonna Has Biggest Sales Drop in History
* Adam McKay Teases 'Anchorman 2' Details and Other Cast Returns
* ‘Simpsons’ Reveal Where Springfield Is
* Guy regrets his Twilight tattoo, covers with a Spielberg Lost Boy
* 30 Rock Announces End Date
* If You're a Fan of The Blair Witch Project, Severed Footage Is For You
* J.K. Rowling Starts Work on the Harry Potter Encyclopedia
* Getting to Know Voice Actors in New Doc Trailer 'I Know That Voice'
* Google Maps and Map of the Dead Teams Up To Help You

TOPIC OF THE WEEK – George Romero
SONG OF THE WEEK - We Are Young by Fun


Show Notes


Recorded on April 16, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

SHHH! We're Watching a Movie! - Episode 22: SHHH!! What an utter Celt…

Shhh! returns once more after one of the team has tried to manually adjust the satellite to get more hardcore kilt swinging – as such Bazz has been doing a very good impression of Professor X AND he has killed his internet with ninjas SOOO I have once again blown on my trumpet of plenty for aid and summoned a hairy beast of a man GRUFFLOCK RETURNS!!




Friday, April 13, 2012

Congratulations, Jeremy & Brandi, hello baby Stella!

Just a quick entry to send out our heartfelt congratulations to Nerdsphere founder member / Back to the Eighties: Glenn & Jeremy STS host Jeremy Sebolt (Wheelbreaker41) and his wife Brandi on the birth of their daughter Stella (or "Baby Bear" as Jeremy has already started calling her).

The Nerdsphere family is growing! :D

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back to the Eighties - Episode 100

Lawks a Lordy! Back to the Eighties is 100 editions old today! Just think of all that time we've spent together. We could have been doing something constructive, like putting up shelves, or bothering crows with pipe cleaners.

Ah, memories.

Still, Glenn and Phil have been busy this time around, listening to your messages of adoration and support, spotlighting possibly the most polarising Transformers series ever in Masterforce, and reporting on all of the news happenings in our favourite toylines this week.

All this, AND question answering? Surely, Ambassador, you are spoiling us.

Listen to Episode 100 HERE, or subscribe on iTunes, or Stitcher (using the promo code EIGHTIES)

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 36: Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders Vs. Dai Shocker (Director's Cut) fan commentary

The original team of Timey, GWolf, JiiDee and CobracommanderTFW reunite to chunter through a movie that they wanted to get off their collective chests for quite some time. (We're serious: Jii actually wrote an essay once over this!). ONORE, DIKEIDO!!!

You can watch the movie with us via "other means by following the YouTube playlist here (NOTE: No subs, I'm afraid) HERE

Alternatively, you can grab the TV-Nihon subbed version from the KRDL website.

About the panel:

Matt / Time Lord (@Timey2Wimey): Is the co-owner of The Nerdsphere Network, and producer of this very show. Former host of the Autobot City Podcast and has appeared on Moonbase 2, Radio Free Cybertron, The Random Fandom and The Old Oilhouse. He has a YouTube account which you can find HERE

Jii Dee (@JiiDee): Is a regular contributor to the show, but has also appeared on Back to the Eighties, Moonbase 2, The Underbase, WTF@TFW and Stardub. He has written reviews to some 80s TV cartoon series, which you can find on the Nerdsphere blog. He has a youtube channel HERE

Mikey / GWolf (@IrishPalaeo): is co-host to the Moonbase 2 Transformers podcast and is a regular contributor to this very show, occasionally standing in for Timey as main host. As a palaeontologist, he is also into dead things. He can be found on YouTube HERE

Andy / CobracommanderTFW (@CCTFW): hosts the Moonbase 2 podcast and has also appeared on several other shows such as WTF@TFW, The Underbase, Back to the Eighties and The Random Fandom. You can find him on YouTube HERE

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

THE RANDOM FANDOM - EPISODE 59: Indiana Jones and the Pursuit for the Anti-Monkey Butt

Slick and Nic are taking going spelunking with one of cinema's greatest explorers...Indiana Jones. We had loads of fun questions from you, the audience, as well we find out what y'all wanted to be when you grew up. Grab your gear and come adventuring with us!

Intro - 00:43
News - 15:35
Spotlight - 58:35
What If Question for Listeners - 1:34:45
Questions for the Hosts - 1:51:18

* James Cameron's new TV show will have robots fighting to the death
* Vegas Enterprise Left on the Cutting Room Floor
* Ben Kingsley will be the Iron Man 3 baddie—but as who?
* Weird Al Sues Sony
* Dethklok’s Reunion Tour Begins April 29 With The Return Of ‘Metalocalypse’!
* Changes for Miss Universe to Include Transgenders
* Simon Pegg Loses His Mind In ‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’ Trailer Premiere!
* Del Toro to Give Master Class at Toronto Film Fest
* David Gordon Green Determined To Remake ‘Suspiria'
* Jim Henson’s TV Pitch
* Look which Walking Dead guest star just became a season 3 regular

* TOPIC OF THE WEEK – Indiana Jones Movie Franchise
* SONG OF THE WEEK - Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant


Recorded on April 10, 2012

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 35: Robotix fan commentary

Timey & Grufflock chunter through a bit of an oddity: a TV show inspired by a actual bona-fide fully-working robotics construction kit. Timey watches the edited movie version, whilst Gruff watches the original serial version, but find that they gel very well together.

You can watch with them by clicking on the link HERE

About the hosts:

Matt / Time Lord (@Timey2Wimey): Is the co-owner of The Nerdsphere Network, and producer of this very show. Former host of the Autobot City Podcast and has appeared on Moonbase 2, Radio Free Cybertron, The Random Fandom and The Old Oilhouse. He has a Youtube account which you can find HERE

Adam / Grufflock (@Grufflock) is co-owner of the Nerdsphere Network, alongside Timey. He is bearded troll wizard who hosts The Old Oilhouse podcast he too has a Youtube account which you can find HERE

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 85: This Hair and DANCING Edit Blog Entry

We found a Stu! And he is angry about Star Wars dancing!

Go, Download, Comment and get your Free Gift HERE

Stardub - 2.6: Thinking of the Chinese People

From Bot-Shots to British Homing World.

We cast a critical eye over a couple of the Marvel Big Looker Transformers books – Insecticon Attack and Car Show Blow Up. We say critical – you know we love Transformers we aren’t going to give them a kicking.

Shits and Googles – “Fish” and “Fondler” reveal a slightly touching aspect of the hobby of fly fishing.

Bringing the episode to a close we look at The Dalek Chronicles – A Marvel UK special from David Fennell and David Whitaker with art by Richard Jennings and Ron Turner. A collection of the 60′s Daleks strips. A hard-to-find comic and one we both recommend you try and track down.

Available from HERE or subscribe via iTunes

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Back to the Eighties - Episode 99

Join Glenn and Phil as they discuss your best and worst bits (and traumatizing memories) of Transformers: The Headmasters, and then marvel as they report on all the news that's fit to talk about this week!

Also: more Star Wars Kinect discussion. Glenn's a little bit smitten with the dancey minigames. So much so, he's been singing 'Hologram Girl' all day. Pity him.

Listen to Episode 99 HERE, or subscribe on iTunes, or Stitcher (using the promo code EIGHTIES)

Friday, April 06, 2012

Back to the Eighties: Jer and Glenn Shoot the Shit - Episode 4

Yes folks, it's that time again, so lock your doors and set your phasers to 'tickle', because Jer and Glenn are here to shoot the shit!

Among this week's topics are Transformers: Prime, Bay's alien Turtles gaffe, 80's toons vs today's toons, and a special surprise for all Star Wars fans!

SPOILER: Star Wars fans might not be happy. In fact they won't be happy. Especially if they have no sense of humour.

Listen to STS Episode 4 HERE, or subscribe on iTunes, or Stitcher (using the promo code EIGHTIES)

Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Random Fandom - Episode 58: The Craft of Love

This girls are not alone this week. We invited Andy aka CobraCommanderTFW to come talk about the love for the Godfather of Thrillers, Jeffrey Combs. We answer your questions as well as read your homework about what band names you've come up with. We worry about some of you. Enjoy!

• Sin City 2 & Machete Kills to Film This Year
• Beatles 2?
• 1st Official Picture of Doctor Who's New Companion
• Worst Movie of the Year Sweeps Razzies
• Bane's co-creator refuses to watch 'monumentally bad' Batman & Robin
• Oh Please No …Twins Sequel with Eddie Murphy
• Anchorman 2 Is Happening
• James Bond Short for the London Olympics
• Got Space On Your DVR? "Hellraiser" Series On The Way
• Hitler's Barracks to become a Resort
• New Star Wars videogame robs Han Solo of his dignity
• TOPIC OF THE WEEK – Jeffrey Combs
• SONG OF THE WEEK - 'Toy Boy' by Mika


Recorded on April 3, 2012

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Old Oilhouse - Oiley's Ol' Arcade EP 7: Deep Grooves

Join us again as we fail to actually talk about Retrogaming, but instead get social media in on the chatter.

Stay towards the end to hear some new and extra spicey bits!

Download it HERE

Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Old Oilhouse - Roundtable EP 31: G2 UK

Rob and Becca join Adam for a trip down the memory lane of the Fleetway G2 Transformers comics. And discover the delight that is Rage and Hydradread.

Download and Comment HERE

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