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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nerdsphere Hall Of Fame: Class of 2012!

Another "Official" Hall of Fame has been and gone, and unfortunately our golden boy didn't make it in. However, this has given me the inspiration to open up our very own Hall of Fame! Each year, a character or characters who we feel are "Due a win" will enter our hallowed halls and will be immortalized with the greats. So, without further ado, the participants in our inaugural ceremony is.....


We at the Nerdsphere, Full Metal Hero and many other places have been clamoring for Scrounge's inclusion in the Hasbro Hall of Fame, but it simply wasn't to be. He has, however, found a place in our hearts and this is our way of saying thanks to a true hero.


Unlike our beloved Scrounge, Wheeljack DID get a Hall of Fame placement! For years at the Nerdsphere, Wheeljack has been "Due a win" and has fallen at every hurdle. However, he rose above it all, and strived for victory! Not only that, but he continues to fight adversity from pessimistic fans. A true warrior.


A true craftsman of the arts. Kyle was responsible for the safe transportation of many a away team (Often led by the captain, the first officer and it's chief medical officer) to a hostile planet. A gentleman and a scholar through and through, Kyle is only crewmember deemed worthy of a HoF entry!


What is there to say? Dan Hibiki is the true star of Street Fighter. Guaranteed to always be the talking point at parties.


Well, it is what is it...

Congratulations to everybody who got in, and lets hear it for the NERDSPHERE HALL OF FAME, CLASS OF 2012!


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