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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to the Eighties - Episode 39

Where Jeremy and Glenn share their thoughts on Transformers Prime and GI Joe Renegades, report on all the news that's worth talking about this week, and answer some of your questions.

Listen to Episode 39 HERE!

[REVIEW] Animated Wingblade Optimus Prime

I guess this latest review from our sponsor ALL THE COOL STUFF got missed in the shuffle, so you've got me posting it here instead. Nevertheless, this time they're featuring Animated Wingblade Optimus Prime.

As ever be sure to check our All The Cool Stuff section we have on the FORUM.

Monday, November 29, 2010

[OBITUARY] Leslie Nielsen & Irvin Kershner

It's a sad day when one person beloved by the fandom passes on, it's downright heartbreaking when two happen on the same day...

Leslie Nielsen has died at the age of 84 from complications arising from pneumonia. Best known for his starring role of Lt. Frank Drebin from the "Police Squad" / "Naked Gun" franchise, as well as the "Airplane!" movies, Neislen was also the lead actor in the cult science fiction movie "Forbidden Planet". In memory of Neislen, I have tracked down the first episode of Police Squad for everyone to enjoy:

Reeling from one death, we then found out that director Irvin Kershner has died at age of 87. Apart from directing the Sean Connery Bond return "Never Say Never Again" and "Robocop 2" Kershner was most famous for directing "The Empire Strikes Back" from the Star Wars movie franchise. The second filmed movie, many believe "Empire" to be the strongest and most beloved of the Star Wars movies, and many point towards Kershner's direction as one of the main reasons for this.

On behalf of everyone on the Nerdsphere, I offer my respects and condolences to the friends and families of Leslie Nielsen & Irvin Kershner at this time.


Due to technical Difficulties, the last 15 mins went a bit strange. Then it got stranger....

This issue contains no less than 3 Homebrews, and UNDERRATED GO-BOT OF THE MONTH!

Also contains more off-topic blathering than you ever need to hear... HERE

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Transformers Prime Roundtable and Instant Commentary

Nic is joined by Alex (JazzSanti) and Dennis (Aerros1) for a discussion about the first two episodes of Transformers Prime that premiered on The Hub today. The second part of the podcast is an "Instant Commentary" that the group recorded unknowingly after the rerun appeared on The Hub. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, November 26, 2010

This week's video reviews trio

First off, in our latest "Rising Sun" review, Dinobot13 takes us through the Kamen Rider OOO DX OOO Driver

Then in our (Not quite) Retro Review, Stardub (forum member "The Doctor") shows us Universe Prowl in his usual manner... (Yes, I know it's not a 80's toy, but neither is it new either, so it kinda counts...longshot, I know).

Then finally, in our "Modern Day" review, Vangelus lavishes upon us Reveal the Shield "Turbo Tracks" (or, well, Tracks)

Check out all these guys channels!

[REVIEW] Transformers Reveal the Shield "SOLAR STORM GRAPPEL"

Site Sponsors "All the Cool Stuff" presents another review, taking a look at "Solar Storm Grappel" (Or, simply, Grapple). I've been told to say that smsno1 has a lovely singing voice.....yeah.

You can discuss this product on the All The Cool Stuff subsection HERE

and you can visit the website HERE

Thursday, November 25, 2010

[PODCAST] "The Trials of a Time Lord" Episode 2 is LIVE!

In this weeks instalment, Timey talks about GaoGaiGar, Dragonball Kai, Kamen Rider Kuuga, Power Rangers Samurai, Kamen Rider OOO's "Dr. Maki" and then answers your questions (send more please!)

WOW! Nice theme tune!

A huge, huge thank you to Grufflock for making this. This will now be featured on my podcast and YouTube channel, as well as anything "Nerdsphere-ish" that comes along. A little bit of sheer awesomeness rolled into one.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Back to the Eighties - Episode 38

Where Jeremy and Glenn discuss your top 5 comedy movies of the 1980s, report on the news that's out and about this week, and answer your questions. Also, we discuss Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and why GI Joe might just have the edge over Transformers of late.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Listen to the episode HERE!

Announcement from Dinotron

Dinotron / "Big D", one of our sponsors, sent this to me via Facebook this morning:

"Hey all,

i have had a few people asking when the site will be running again. As most of you know i have had alot going on recently and not had time to update the site and get it running again.

Sooooo, that being said, for now Big Ds is joining forces with All the cool stuff! their website is now fully running with great items now in stock, and for the time being Big Ds will be adding stock to the All the cool stuff site.

so get over there now and check out their great selection of toys along with all the plastic goodness you will find at Big Ds!"

Check out the "All the Cool Stuff" website HERE

And remember to send feedback to both Big D and All the Cool Stuff by going onto the forum threads HERE and HERE

[REVIEW] "All the Cool Stuff" Presents RTS Strafe and "G2" Dreadwind!

In the first post from our sponsors "All the Cool Stuff", Nerdsphere forum member "smsno1" takes a look at "Reveal the Shield" Strafe and it's "G2" repaint - Dreadwind! (Not to be confused with our very own Glenn, of course!)

Remember to check out the "All the Cool Stuff" website HERE

(PS, I am very much aware he's referred to as "Dreadwing" througout. But lets face it, it's Dreadwind. ;) )

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[ANNOUNCEMENT] You can own Nerdsphere T-Shirts!

Grufflock has designed and produced a few Tee-Shirts, hoodles, vests etc for YOU to buy and wear! The designs are based on both the "Old Oilhouse" and "Back to the 80's!" podcasts.

Check them all out HERE!

Proceeds from the sales of these shirts are going towards helping to finance Auto Assembly 2011 as we want to do our bit to keep the convention alive.

[OBITUARY] Ingrid Pitt (1937 - 2010)

The actress and writer Ingrid Pitt, most known for her appearances in the Hammer Horror movies, amongst them her starring role as "Countess Dracula" (which earned her the nickname "The Countess") has died after a short illness. She was 73.

In a turnaround way, Pitt also appeared in two Doctor Who (celebrating it's 47th year today) in the stories "Warriors of the Deep" and "The Time Monster" alongside Peter Davison and Jon Pertwee respectively. She has written articles about her time on the show, and you can read the entries HERE

You can check out her wikipedia entry by going HERE

Rest in Peace, Countess! We at the Nerdsphere send out our respects and condolences at this time.

[REVIEW] The Whotennany: Showcase of a Time Lord - The First Doctor

Dreadwind begins a new series of reviews, each focusing of a different incarnation of Doctor Who. This week, he looks into the character and history (and toy) of the First Doctor himself, played William Hartnell.

[REVIEW] MOTU Webstor Toy Comparison

Wheelbreaker41 takes a look three distinct molds for Webstor through the ages...

The Random Fandom - Episode 9: The Blackest Most Brutal Podcast Ever!.....With a Side of Pickles


Slick and Nic are joined by yet another birthday boy, Stu aka darkageis who comes to bring darkness, metal and brutality to the show. Can Nic lighten the place up with her fluffy stuff? Listen to find out.

* Wesley Snipes Get Three Years
* Disney is Through with Fairy Tale Princesses
* Children See ‘Saw 3D’ Instead of ‘Megamind’
* Sexiest Man Alive 2010 Version* The Darker Side of Natalie Portman
* Comic Books the Government Didn't Want You to Read!
* Magical Law
* ‘Dancing’ Receives Specious Envelope
* Guillermo del Toro and David Eick in Talk to do ‘Hulk’ series
* Joan Baez Takes a Fall
* McFly Suggest Stupid Idea
* American Music Awards
* The Beatles score 31 tracks in top 200 on iTunes
* Vinnie Paul Interview
* MOTÖRHEAD To Perform On 'Conan'
* Iron Maiden – Around the World in 66 Days
* Does Tweeting Change Your Behavior?
* TOPIC OF THE WEEK – Metalocalypse

* Featured Movie Score of the Week
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
* Featured Song of the Week
Birthday Dethday by Dethklok

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back to the 80's Episode Review: Ulysses 31 - Episode 1

Where Jeremy and Glenn are joined by Tony (aka Soundwave - SG1) to watch this classic cartoon episode, based on the myths of Odysseus. All together now; Ulysses, Ulysses, Soaring through all the galaxies...

Listen to the review HERE!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

[REVIEW] Transformers G1 Duocon Battletrap

Somewhat inspired by Dreadwind's Firecons, Wheelbreaker41 takes a look at the Duocon Battletrap...

Friday, November 19, 2010

[PODCAST] "The Trials of a Time Lord" Episode 1 is LIVE!

In this edition, Timey looks at the Radio Times' Top 20 Doctor Who companions, talks a little bit about the Iron Man anime, then answers your questions!

(Sorry this is on a different RSS feed. I forgot the passwords to both the other account and the email address I created for this podcast! ME STUPID)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Sponsor! - "All The Cool Stuff"

Today I am happy to announce that we have added a new sponsor to our hallowed halls:

"All the Cool Stuff" is a business that operates in Fordingbridge. They deal with practically everything: New toys, old toys, in-between toys, they're all here. Plus if that doesn't appeal to you, they also sell merchandise such as books and clothing. The shop might be small, but it's brimming with practically everything!

On top of all this, "All the Cool Stuff" will also be holding a mini-convention in March called "Roll Out 2 - Roll Call" the world's only Transformers & G.I. Joe convention. We would love to see you there!

All videos from their YouTube channel will appear on this site. We will also open up a section on the forum for you to post any feedback from purchases / visits to the shop etc. as well as any announcements to be made.

You can check out their new website HERE

You can also join up to their Facebook group page HERE

Yet again, thank you to everybody at "All the Cool Stuff" for joining us! (psst! They have G.I. Joe toys! WOOT!)

Ooooohhh, Shiny!

What's that up there? above me? That really big thing up there? Why, it's our new Nerdsphere Logo!

Lots of thankies must go to Grufflock for this awesome image! We went for several takes before settling on this. Give that man a cigar! (or a pipe. He likes pipes...)

The Old Oilhouse - Rountable for November: Last Stand Of The Wreckers!

That's right kiddies, After weeks of working and waiting, it is finally time to WRECK AND RULE!

Many thanks to Glenn, Timey and to my co-hosts for all the work that went into this one.

Listen to it and comment HERE or HERE

[REVIEW] Firecons & Tiger Force, Oh my!

Three reviews up for your entertainment today! First, Dreadwind takes a look at the G1 Firecons and tries to show us that even though they're poo, they're also awesome at the same time...

Exactly a year ago, however, some little known reviewer called Time Lord totally ran wild over the rubbishness of the robot mode...

Finally, in a review that has bugger all to do with Firecons, Wheelbreaker41 takes a look at the G.I. Joe Tiger Force's "Tiger Cat"...


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 34: WARNING! EXPLICIT!

You poor poor people. Another cavalcade of crap have rolled down the mountain and entered your brain via your abused ears.
Which is another way of saying: The newest Lock-In episode is out now!

Contains the following ingredients:
Don't forget, you can now send your listener questions in audio to!

Seeds of Deception

Cobra Industries

Transtech Concepts

Download it HERE

And the old forum is gone as of......


Remember to go visit the new forum at OUR NEW NICE AND SHINY FORUM or you'll miss out on all the fun! ;)

[REVIEW] Thundercats Top Spinner

Wheelbreaker41 takes a look at one of Thundercats' less successful toys.

The Random Fandom - Episode 8: The Jack of All Trades

Slick and Nic bestow upon you the love they have for everyone's favorite B-movie actor Bruce Campbell as well as give you the news in the entertainment world.* J.J. Abrams Not Yet Attached to Star Trek 2
* Iron Man Spin Off* Collin Farrell for Lead in ‘Total Recall’

* John Cusack as Poe in “The Raven”* Doug Jones Join Don Coscarelli's John Dies at the End
* Dino De Laurentiis Dies at 91
* Michael Biehn Takes Over 'Victim' Directing Duties
* Simpson’s Return for 23rd Season

* Mythbusters in 3D
* Love in the Wild
* Daft Punk to do Tron’s Legacy’s Soundtrack

* CMA Winners
* Beatles on iTunes
* Metallica Guitarist Seeks And Destroys

* Motorhead’s Lemmy: 'I Couldn't Possibly Do My Job If I Didn't Smoke And Drink
'* Judas Priest Guitarist: 'The Time Has Come For Us To Put The Touring Wheels In Motion'
* Daydreaming a Cause of Depression
* Man Risks Life for Charity
* Man Loses Weight After Seeing Himself on Google Street

* Topic of the Week – Bruce Campbell

Featured Song of the Week
“Do the Bruce Campbell” 
by MC Larrs & YTCracker

Back to the Eighties - Episode 37

Where Jeremy and Glenn discuss your top 5 toys of the 1980s, round-up all of the week's news from our favourite franchises, and answer your questions. Also, a little Christmas and Black Friday talk, because it's that time of year...

Listen to Episode 37 HERE!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Nerdsphere Network is LIVE!

In perhaps one of the worst-kept secrets in history, you can now join our brand new forum at THENERDSPHERE.MADMOOSEFORUM.COM.

Our old forum will be deleted soon, so join now or miss out!

[REVIEW] G.I. Joe Star Brigade Starfighter

Dreadwind gives us a look at a toy from the era where G.I. Joe got weird...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

[PODCAST] "The Trials of a Time Lord" Episode 0 is LIVE!

The musings of an internet fanboy. In this edition, I introduce myself and talk to you all about the Nerdsphere Network and all it's inhabitants, plus I answer some listener questions even though as of this recording I have no listeners.....

Please leave your Feedback on the Forum by going HERE

Friday, November 12, 2010

Announcement: We will soon be moving to a new forum!

As of today, I have purchased (As in used my own money!) a new web address. This means we have a brand new forum. This will make it easier for a number of reasons:

*No ads

*No "Autobotcity* in the forum title to confuse newcomers

*More freedom on our part as admins to dabble with the template

I have also entered into a partnership with the Old Oilhouse's "Grufflock" in generating a brand to house our Podcasts so that no matter where the site, we all run under the same brand.

As soon as the new site is ready for inhabitants, I will send out an all-users email to all Nerdsphere forum members so that you are all fully aware of the move.

A new day is dawning. "The Nerdsphere Network" is about to be launched...

[PODCAST] The Old Oilhouse - Lock-In EP 33

3 Very tired geeks round themselves together once again to attempt to record a professorial look at the ins an outs of the transformers franchise. Once again however, the topic finds itself in dirty, dirty surroundings.

Let your ears go blind here

Review Showcases for this week

It's that time of the week again where I search through YouTube and select three reviews to stick on here for all of the Nerdsphere to see:

First off in our Retro Review, DarthShockwave takes a look at the "Starcom" vessel the "Starmax Bomber"

Then, in this weeks "Rising Sun Review" ShukuenShinobi takes a look at SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Faiz (555)

Then finally, for our "Modern Day Review", smsno1 takes a look at Transformers "Hunt for the Decepticons" Highbrow!

If you like what you see, please check out all of these guys respective channels, and we'll be back next Friday with another selection of vids!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Random Fandom - Episode 7: British Cobra Audio Chocolate


Slick and Nic have their first guest host...Andy aka CobraCommanderTFW joins the ladies on the issues of entertainment and gives us some great insides into the world of G.I. Joe / Cobra.* Cowboy Ninja Viking…no joke
PG-13 Muppets Movie
* James Franco to Play Jason Bourne
* Naomi Watts to Play Marilyn Monroe
* Mark Walberg offer Lead in ‘Crow’ remake
* Russell Crow for New Rocky Horror…what the???
* We Are What We Are (Somos Lo Que Hay)
TV Tidbits: Walking Dead' already given new life
* John Carpenter’s ‘The Ward’
* Thundercats Reboot* Poor Canadians…’Jersey Show’ Wannabes to Head to Canada
* Conan Kicks Off New Show with Great Ratings
* Michael Jackson’s ‘Breaking Bad’ is Authentic
* Jim Morrison Receives Pardon
Metallica Talks Call Of Duty Endowment And Soldier Support
* Paul Stanley Interviewed at 'Freedom Awards'
* Jason Bonham Discusses 'Led Zeppelin Experience
* People's Choice Awards

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Back to the 80's Episode 36 Released!

Where Jeremy and Glenn spotlight Automan, discuss all the news that's worth discussing (with CobraCommanderTFW in tow), and everyone wonders if Transformers Prime will actually air, or, like Bigfoot, is it all just a massive hoax?

Listen to the episode HERE!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Old Oilhouse - Quick, Change The Channel EP 06: Johnny Mnonomnimic...or whatever it's called

The latest Quick, Change The Channel has to come to ask you this simple question: Cyberpunk Greatness, or a waste of time, money and breath. You decide dear decide.
Listen, Download or otherwise Ignore it...HERE

Friday, November 05, 2010

This Week's Chosen Reviews

Rather than make multiple posts, I've decided to pick three video reviews (A Retro, a Rising Sun and finally a Modern Day review) and showcase them all in one.

Starting up, we have "Back to the 80's" Wheelbreaker41, who takes a look at the short lived European toy franchise "The Supernaturals".

Then, for a Rising Sun review, Dinobot13 takes a look at both the "Lost Driver" and the "T2 Joker Gaia Memory" from "Kamen Rider W"

Finally, in the first of our "Modern Day" reviews, Kinglaffo look at DC Universe Universe Classics Deadman:

You can check out all three of these dudes by looking at their individual channels. See you next Friday!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halo Reach Party!

Nerdsphere forum member Moon has asked me to advertise a special event he is holding. The rest of this article is copied and pasted from Moon for you guys to read. Take it away Moony!:

"Hey kids, Moon here. You might remember me from that podcast that I was on for a bit. Yeah that... wait you don't remember it? Ah well, its no big deal. Anyway, the point of this message is simple. I am hosting a Halo Reach party on November 13th at 2PM Eastern time. I already have 10 people including myself already confirmed so make sure you come in to contact with me soon if you want a spot saved for you.

I am on Skype, if you want it, send me a PM on the forums here or on Moonbase 2. I am the user "Moon" on both forums. You can also contact me on twitter via Moon31624.

Hope to see you there."

The Random Fandom - Episode 6: A Mistress, A Diva and Queen

The latest in entertainment news and headlines as well as a spotlight on the magnificent rock band, Queen.

* Dark Tower Release Date Announced
* The Govenator in Avatar 2 and 3
* Tarsem Singh Confirmed To Direct His Own Take On Snow White
* Original Darth Vader Costume Up for Auction

* John Carpenter to Direct 'Darkchylde'

* Give a Halloween Treat: Buy a 5-Year-Olds Monster Art, Treat His Leukemia
* Full Length Movie of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in 3D

* Walking Dead Breaks AMC Records
* Elvira Returns to TV

* Digital Sales Are Down
* Garbage to Reunite
* John Lennon to appear on £5 coin

* Ozzy Osbourne Interview
* Guns n’ Roses Reportedly Receives $1 Million To Play Private Show
* Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Thoughts on Steven Tyler’s 'American Idol' Decision

* Captain Kangaroo’s Mr. Baxter Dies at 92
* James MacArthur aka Hawaii 5-0’s original Dano dies at 72
* Denise Borino-Quinn from ‘Sopranos’ dies of cancer at 46

* High Speed Internet on Mt. Everest
* LED Tattoos…the Next Trend?
* Broadway Is In with PeeWee and Goonies
* Paul, the Psychic Octopus dies

Phoenix Mercury Trust

All songs are performed by Queen
* Killer Queen
* I Want To Break Free
* It’s a Hard Life
* These Are the Days of Our Lives
* I’m Going Slightly Mad
* Driven By You
* Somebody to Love
* Bohemian Rhapsody
* Crazy Little Thing Called Love
* Las Palabras De Amor
* Good Old-Fashion Lover Boy
* Friends Will Be Friends
* Fat Bottomed Girls
* Flash
* Radio Ga Ga
* No One But You

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