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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 35: Robotix fan commentary

Timey & Grufflock chunter through a bit of an oddity: a TV show inspired by a actual bona-fide fully-working robotics construction kit. Timey watches the edited movie version, whilst Gruff watches the original serial version, but find that they gel very well together.

You can watch with them by clicking on the link HERE

About the hosts:

Matt / Time Lord (@Timey2Wimey): Is the co-owner of The Nerdsphere Network, and producer of this very show. Former host of the Autobot City Podcast and has appeared on Moonbase 2, Radio Free Cybertron, The Random Fandom and The Old Oilhouse. He has a Youtube account which you can find HERE

Adam / Grufflock (@Grufflock) is co-owner of the Nerdsphere Network, alongside Timey. He is bearded troll wizard who hosts The Old Oilhouse podcast he too has a Youtube account which you can find HERE


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