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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 36: Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders Vs. Dai Shocker (Director's Cut) fan commentary

The original team of Timey, GWolf, JiiDee and CobracommanderTFW reunite to chunter through a movie that they wanted to get off their collective chests for quite some time. (We're serious: Jii actually wrote an essay once over this!). ONORE, DIKEIDO!!!

You can watch the movie with us via "other means by following the YouTube playlist here (NOTE: No subs, I'm afraid) HERE

Alternatively, you can grab the TV-Nihon subbed version from the KRDL website.

About the panel:

Matt / Time Lord (@Timey2Wimey): Is the co-owner of The Nerdsphere Network, and producer of this very show. Former host of the Autobot City Podcast and has appeared on Moonbase 2, Radio Free Cybertron, The Random Fandom and The Old Oilhouse. He has a YouTube account which you can find HERE

Jii Dee (@JiiDee): Is a regular contributor to the show, but has also appeared on Back to the Eighties, Moonbase 2, The Underbase, WTF@TFW and Stardub. He has written reviews to some 80s TV cartoon series, which you can find on the Nerdsphere blog. He has a youtube channel HERE

Mikey / GWolf (@IrishPalaeo): is co-host to the Moonbase 2 Transformers podcast and is a regular contributor to this very show, occasionally standing in for Timey as main host. As a palaeontologist, he is also into dead things. He can be found on YouTube HERE

Andy / CobracommanderTFW (@CCTFW): hosts the Moonbase 2 podcast and has also appeared on several other shows such as WTF@TFW, The Underbase, Back to the Eighties and The Random Fandom. You can find him on YouTube HERE


Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised Jii didn't know a certain detail about the manga version of this.

No Double. Shadowmoon was defeated by Decade Kuuga double team.

Time Lord said...

Ah, Jii DID know about the W part being absent, it's just it wasn't brought up on recording. When the manga details got leaked way back, me & Jii chatted about it.

I'll give you that on the Shadowmoon part though, so well spotted!

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