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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Masters of the Universe Chronicles - Interview with Spy Monkey Creations: Brian T Stevenson!

Hey Guys welcome back to another packed edition of Masters of the Universe Chronicles.

James "Roboto" Garnhart and Netlex share with us some of their contributions which are awesome as always, major thanks to those two for sending them in. Also thank you to everyone who sent in questions for the interview in this episode which was with Brian T Stevenson from Spy Monkey Creations. He answers the questions you sent in and gives a few ideas of what may instore for all the fans of Spy Monkey Creations.

If you want to see one of their products reviewed, check out this video by "Pixel" Dan on their new Sword of Ages product!

You can contact the show by emailing or if you are on Skype - Vinto316. There is a Facebook page you can join and you can do that by going HERE and there is a brand new twitter account and its MOTUChronicles.

Masters of the Universe Chronicles will celebrate its 2nd year anniversary/birthday on 19th September, if you would like to please send an mp3 file to and have it played on the show! Many thanks!

Click HERE to listen.


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