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Friday, August 26, 2011

By Special Request - A dedication to Mary

Today was the funeral of Mary, mother of artist and regular Nerdsphere contributor Simon Williams, who sadly passed away during Auto Assembly weekend. At 2.15pm UK time, as per mutual request from Simon, many members of the Nerdsphere Network, as well as across the internet, have played an Elvis Presley song in dedication to one of his biggest fans. I have decided to put up some of the songs as a mark of respect, and will be passing the link to Simon shortly.

From Time Lord / Matt Clarke and DeathRay / Geoffrey Sproule

From Kinggrimmy / Matt Messenger

From DrMellski / Stephen Mellor

From CybertronAx / Shawn Smith

From Logan Blaze / Paul Anderson

From Grufflock / Adam Nicol and JBot / Jamie Adey

From Dreadwind / Glenn Jakeman

From Big Pete / Peter Casselö

From Silvermoon1981 / Sam Armstrong

From SoundwaveSG1 / Tony Thrustle

We've got your back, brutha! Take care in this time, all our thoughts are with you.

To you, Mary, You have a good son, he will be well taken care of. Rest in Peace.

- Matt.


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