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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stardub - 2.14: Sometimes the bear gets you, sometimes you nuke the bear from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Battle Beasts Issue 1 from IDW Publishing kicks off this episode, as we see not only the return of this slightly obscure toy franchise, but also card covers to IDW comics. Ralph also regales us with his surefire way to stopping a bear. Though it's not without some drawbacks, or should I say fallout.

MASK Issue 4 June 1987 published by DC Comics is so interesting that we end up testing Ralph's knowledge of 1980's America pro-wrestlers.

Warheads Issue 1 from Marvel UK reveals a rare criticism of purveyor of childhood joy Geoff Senior from one of the duo? Which one - well you'll need to listen.

Making their Triumphant return is Triumphant comics. We will be looking at The Chromium Man Issue 1 and Unleashed Issue 0. It's a tag team of turd in four colours. Also. One of these comics lets us down, even more than you thought possible.

Lucky listener Philip Ayres will get to determine the fate of these two comics, but you dear listener will need to wait till 2.15.

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