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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[OBITUARY] Dwayne McDuffie

Comic Book / Television writer Dwayne McDuffie has died from causes yet unknown. Amongst McDuffie's credits (Which included stints in both Marvel & DC) was the co-founding of the African-American comic book company Milestone Media (which entered a publishing partnership with DC Comics and recently had it's continuity merged with DC's) which amongst it's characters included Static, who later appeared in his own cartoon series "Static Shock" to which McDuffie produced and wrote 11 episodes.

This then led to involvement with other TV shows, mostly serving as both story editor and writer, in such shows as Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited, and the two Ben 10 sequel series "Alien Force" and "Ultimate Alien".

He was also involved in the DC Universe series of animated movies, writing both "Crisis of Two Earths" (Adapting Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly's "Earth Two") and his last known work, "All-Star Superman" (adapted from Grant Morrison / Frank Quietly book).

Check out the Wiki entry HERE
And you can also check out Dwayne McDuffie's forum HERE

Our respects go out to the the family of Dwayne McDuffie at this time.


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