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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Slick, Stu & Mikey. Hello, Evan!!!

The Nerdsphere family continues to grow, and today marks the birth of Rob & Becca's son, Evan!! Rob & Becca are KhaosEnvy and MrsRobimus in The Old Oilhouse podcasts. We wish Rob, Becca, Evan and big sister Neve all the best!!

Evan, of course, shares his birthday with three of our podcasters: Ms.Slick (formerlly of The Random Fandom, currently of The Projector Room), Stu / Darkageis (The Old Oilhouse) and Mikey / Gwolf (Shut Up & Watch This! / Moonbase 2). Hope everybody has a good day, and merriment was had by all!!


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