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Friday, November 15, 2013

Transformers: Infiltration AUDITIONS!

Kicking off a series of radioplays based on IDW's run of Transformers comics. The plan is to cover the whole run, with Furman's stories as full movie-length, then moving onto episodic serials. The lines will be EXACTLY as printed on the original comic book, with a linking narration describing events where there are no dialogue. The reason behind that is I want the story to be kept intact, with the audio to serve as a form of look-and-read. There are people out in the fandom who couldn't pick up a comic book due to disabilities. It's those fans who are missing out on what I consider the best in current TF fiction. Also: how many times have YOU acted out scenes from an issue of More Than Meets the Eye? I know I have! We are starting with Infiltration, and will continue until the whole of IDW's run is complete. Infiltration - Maximum Dinobots will be movielength, then All Hail Megatron onwards will be episodic.

So, let us begin...

HUMANS (These are our main characters in Infiltration / Escalation / Devastation.

HUNTER O'NION (pronounced Oh-Neye-On) Wanderer, conspiracy theorist. I'm looking for a vocal range around the early 20s.

Line 1: (tired, jaded)… let it go. This… is too big, even for us. I.. I’ve seen things today I can barely comprehend, and I for one need a very long moment here.
Line 2: (inquisitive) So… what’s Siege Mode? And.. what does it mean to us? To the planet Earth?
Line 3: (All heck is breaking loose): We can’t stay here! If he’s what I think he is, he’ll come back, finish the job. We have to run!

VERITY CARLO –Looking for roughly late teen vocal range. Sassy, attitude, headstrong but in the inside, very, very vulnerable. Verity has the lion share of dialogue in Infiltration, so be prepared for a huge undertaking if you get the part.

Line 1: (To Hunter, angry, as a plane low-flies just above the van they’re in) You idiot! You reckless, shortsighted uber-geek! You’ve driven us right into some kind of military testing range! Back up.. get us out of here NOW! You hear me?
Line 2: (In full sass mode) Hey. Hey! When you boys are done making your little fraternity pledges.. big sis is right over here!
Line 3: (Hyperventilating, panicking ) Can’t- can’t breathe in here. Let me out! Let me – (door opens) ouuut! (breathes I – I did a bad thing, I know, but.. I can’t DEAL with this, okay.. I just can’t!

JIMMY PINK – 17 years old, looking for youthful, charismatic type. Sorta guy who thinks he’s got the moves and knows the street.

Line 1: Well, well, Verity Carlo, we meet at last!
Line 2: Hey, just think of me as your personal grease monkey.
Line 3: I’m with Hunter. I’m actually glad we’ve been sidelined. We… could have died back there. Look, Verity… It’s okay to be scared.

For the Transformers themselves, I’m doing something a little different.

It’s simple: Surprise me.

Send me a demo of you doing a series of voices, from any source you can get ahold of (It can be an old G1 script, a comic book, or anything from the Transformers Multiverse.You can even make something up yourself and act it out. For the most part, we’re gonna be with these characters for the Long Haul (I’m so punny!), and I’m looking for performances that’s gonna stick in consciousness’s of the listeners. No pressure.

Oh, and another favour: in your demo reels, include a performance using your natural voice. Sometimes your own voice is the best voice for a role, you don’t have to do impressions to impress people.

With that being said, In Infiltration, we need to fill the following roles:





So, There you have it. Just act your socks off and send your files (in wav or mp3 form, and MUST have good quality!) to

We look forward to hearing from you!


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