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Monday, May 24, 2010

[PODCAST NEWS] Autobot City Podcast to End

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that our Anniversary show to celebrate One Year of the Nerdsphere forum (Airing on 27/06/2010) will also mark the end of our flagship show, the Autobot City Podcast. I felt the time was right to move forward in the evolution of the site, and will be retiring from active podcasting to focus on my duties on the website/forum, as well as producing our new shows, "The Heroic Age" and "Many Different Things" as well as setting up a potential Anime show to air late in the summer.

Transformers news will be covered on the "Back to the 80's!" podcast by our colleagues Jeremy and Glenn. I wish them all the luck and kudos, and I'm extremely proud in what they have accomplished so far for both themselves and for drawing attention to our site, we are getting more members every week, and it's due to the effort of these guys, plus Touya and the others over at "Dude Wait, What?!" for drawing the video game community into our fair site.

We will be on the air until our big hurrah on the day of our anniversary, so it's not goodbye straight away

Thank you one and all for a year of awesomeness, and I promise we will go out with a bang!

- Matt


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