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Saturday, May 29, 2010

[PODCAST] Dude Wait What Podcast Episode 12 - Did it Make you Feel Like a Man?

This week, we are joined by greatness! Did we clean up? Straighten up the living room? Carpet look nice? Good. Cause this week, Brad Nicholson of MTV MULTIPLAYER and GIANTBOMB.COM shows up to school us on how he and his awesomeness roll.

This week we stammer about:
  • Project Natal Pricing Rumours and Innuendo
  • Future Man-Machine Interface. SCIENCE!
  • Easy mode is for wusses.
  • Touya just got PWNED by Brad!!!!1
  • Sonic Colours. Disappointment personified.
  • Heavy Rain, Sex in games and why it's creepy.
  • Pokemon. Cause that's a natural segue from that last topic.
  • Tetris has Achievements?
  • What We've Been Playing this week, Brad expounds on Red Dead Redemption.
You can find Mr. Nicholson's written reviews at MTV MULTIPLAYER and GIANT BOMB, and you can hear him regularly on THE ELECTRIC HYDRA PODCAST.


BeatlesDiva said...

Great podcast! Anyone that can stop Touya from talking is a miracle worker. Look forward to next week~

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