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Thursday, May 20, 2010

[NEWS] Welker in Transformers: Prime!

Quickly following the news that Optimus Prime will be played by his original voice actor, Peter Cullen, Roberto Orci has confirmed that another G1 VA alumni has entered the fold: FRANK WELKER!

Orci says of Welker (via the DON MURPHY BOARDS): "Really excited to see what you guys think about it. Seeing Cullen and Welker together in the recording studio was mind blowing."

No mention on who Welker is playing at this time, but was known for three notable and memorable characters in the old show: Soundwave, Rumble and the leader of the Decepticons himself - Megatron!

Orci also confirmed that Starscream will be a character in "Prime" and that he'll be back to his old ways.


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