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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Get Well Soon, Nic!

Yesterday, former Nerdsphere podcaster Nicole Hale was involved in a traffic accident where a car running a red light hit her at 60 mph, leaving her with multiple fractures and injuries to her femur, finger, foot and spine. Nic is in the hospital, getting the best possible care, and is occasionally updating us via her Facebook. Nicole hosted "The Random Fandom with Slick & Nic" from 2010 - 2012 alongside Ms. Slick, and is well known in the online Transformers fan community, appearing in various different forums, message boards and podcasts over the years. She is currently a member of the "Radio Free Cybertron" podcast troupe, appearing every Sunday on the "Fanboy Vs" live broadcast, as well as "The Rescue Center" with Aimiee Morgan.

Everybody here at The Nerdsphere Network wishes Nicole a speedy recovery. You can also send messages to Nic via her Facebook account or via twitter @Beatlesdiva.


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