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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Super Saturday Radioplay: Batman - Knightfall

In the last of our showcasing of Dirk Maggs-produced superhero radioplays, we turn to BBC Radio One's first ever production (The Superman plays were first aired on BBC Radio 4 & 5). Originally aired and intended as 3 min serialized shorts across 5 days a week on Mark Goodier's drivetime show (with a omnibus edition aired on a saturday morning during the Danny Baker show), the entire serial was re-edited into a full 3 hour movielength tale for cassette tape & CD. This is the edition you're listening to here. The cast of Bob Sessions, Michael Gough, Kerry Shale & Lorelei King are retained from the BBC's previous Batman story "The Lazarus Syndrome" (Posted elsewhere in this blog).

The story covers a time in the 90s Batman comic books where a tired and burned out Bruce Wayne is stalked, then severely injured by then-new super villain Bane, and his replacement by the darker and deadlier Jean-Paul Valley, heir to the mantle of the name Azreal. Nearly all of Batman's rougue's gallery are involved, including the Joker, Riddler, Scarecrow and the Ventriloquist.

We recently conducted an interview with director / producer Dirk Maggs, and you can listen to the whole thing HERE

And if you liked what you heard, please support the official release HERE

Stay tuned next week when we begin the "Super Saturday Matinee" where every week we put out an episode of an old cinema matinee short.


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