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Monday, May 06, 2013

Stardub Episode 55 - The Phil-In Station

It’s another episode of Stardub and another Stunt-Ralph joins Andy in the ongoing mission to throw themselves onto the hand grenades of pop culture. Once more we have the Silent Member on board and guess what he isn’t silent!

That’s right Philip Ayres, friend of the podcast joins us to natter about Doctor Who and specifically Destiny of the Daleks. Inexplicably Philip thinks this is a good story, Andy (and the not dead and buried under Andy’s patio Ralph) do not.

Will there be tears, shouting, exchanging of parcels of really bad DVD’s and comics? Listen on and find out.

You will also get to find out some nefarious plans for the next Stardub… and perhaps the true fate of Ralph.

Post closing theme you will hear some spoilerrific speculation about who the Big Bad is from Doctor Who this year and just how long it has been planned from Phil.

Available from HERE or via iTunes.


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