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Thursday, June 03, 2010

[NEWS] Bandai America to make new Thundercats toys

Hot on the heels from YESTERDAY'S NEWS that Thundercats will be coming back in a brand new Cartoon Network-produced series, THE POP CULTURE NETWORK has reported that Warner Brothers have gone into partnership with Bandai America (Who also produce the Power Rangers toys) to produce brand new toys based on the new show, as well as the classic Thundercats franchise.

“ThunderCats have been a cult pop culture phenomenon for the past 25 years, and Bandai America looks forward to developing modern and engaging toys for these beloved characters"

- Masayuki Matsuo, chairman and chief executive officer, Bandai America Incorporated.

You can talk about this news on our forum by going HERE.


Wheelbreaker41 said...

Best news I've heard in quite some time!!!!

Nemesis Scourge said...

Yeah, but I can just see ol' BoA being cheapskates with them as usual...

Leviathan said...

I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! This is great great news!

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