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Friday, June 25, 2010

[NEWS] New Tokusatsu show announced: Kamen Rider OOO!

A brand new Kamen Rider will be taking over the airwaves on September 15th. His name is Kamen Rider OOO (Or both "Triple O" or the shorter "O's"). Not much to report at the moment, but I thought that a reveal of the suit will come a long way. There definitely appears to be a "Triple" gimmick at work, with OOO switching between three different modes.


Nemesis Scourge said...

I don't think it'll be pronounced as Triple O, just O's or Ozu.

But man, did he really need to steal Wolverine's claws?!

Time Lord said...

I noticed that. Mind you, it could also be argued that Vega wants his fist-blade thingies back, LOL

People are really harping on about the suit, but I'm going to reserve judgement untill the show starts airing.

Nemesis Scourge said...

Bitching about the design of the newest Rider has become a tradition. But by the time it d├ębuts practically everyone (including the moaners) will be swooning all over it like a lovesick puppy.

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