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Monday, June 28, 2010

[PODCAST] Moonbase 2 Episode 113 Released?!

You might ask yourself "OK, something's not right here! Why are you presenting to us a podcast from one of the competition?!" Well, it's because this week, our friends Dave and Andy team up with Glenn and Jeremy from our very own "Back to the 80's" Podcast to present the biggest crossover of the century! The boys cover all the news relating to BotCon 2010, and a little bit of War for Cybertron thrown in for good measure.

You can listen to the Podcast by going HERE.


Nemesis Scourge said...

I thought the Moonbase 2 HATED crossovers? Or does that only apply to fiction?

Time Lord said...

ABC not so popular for a MB2 Crossover anymore? *Sobs*

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