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Friday, June 04, 2010

R.I.P. Autobot City; hello The Aequitas Chamber

(NOTE: This is a copy and paste of what Matt/Time Lord originally posted on THE NERDSPHERE FORUM.)

Just posting this to update those who might not have LISTENED TO EPISODE 38 OF ABC.

Phil approached me with a plea to take over ABC, and after negotiations, it was decided that ABC just would not work without any of it's original members, so Phil decided to launch the podcast anew. This new podcast will be known as "The Aequitas Chamber" and will eventually feature the team of HotRodG1 and GWolfV3/"The Bone" or Phil and Mikey.

This means that original plans to finish ABC on the day of the Nerdsphere's anniversary is going ahead as planned. We will be keeping the section open for a fortnight after the last episode airs, but that will then be closed down and a new section put in it's place. For those still wanting to listen to the old shows, I will be putting up a special section at the bottom of the forum and you will be able to see all the episodes listed on there.

"The Aquitas Chamber" will start with Phil alongside a rotating rota of guest hosts until Mikey comes back from his hiatus.

Until then, we are still running ABC, so please give us any feedback, listeners questions and City Chatter for these remaining episodes. 50% of what we do is based to listener participation, and if that does not exist we simply cannot do a show properly.


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