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Saturday, July 10, 2010

[NEWS] New "Real" Ghostbusters toys coming out!

Thanks to nerdsphere forum member "JiiDee" we have a scoop for you Ghostbusters fans - The Real Ghostbusters are coming back!

Well, they are and they aren't. These toys, dubbed "Ghostbusters Retro Action", so far shows off a ghostly Peter Venkman from the episode "Citizen Ghost" (a episode review of which was done by the BTT80's boys HERE).

Here is what had to say on their Facebook page:

"Retro Action is coming to the Ghostbusters with this “Citizen Ghost” Peter figure from the animated series “The Real Ghostbusters”! Peter talks with 3 phrases right from the show. Also includes proton pack and wand. Special variant for SDCC is an all Ecto Slime version of Peter with clear green skin. This variant is randomly packed and available only at the show! While supplies last".

Something tells me that "The Rod" is going to be more than a little happy about this news ;)


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