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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[PODCAST NEWS] One show leaves, One enters.

Today, it is with great regret I announce that our video games podcast, "Dude, Wait, What?!" has ended it's run. I would like to thank Touya and the rest of the crew for the few months they produced the show here, and wish them all the best in their future endeavours (what a terrible WWE quote, lol, but none of the less true on this occasion).

But, as one show ends, another one is just starting up. We will soon be getting a new show: The Random Fandom! This show will be hosted by dynamic duo of Nicole/Hailstorm and the Nerdsphere's own creature of the night, Slick! This is an all-female hosted show and all aspects of current-day fandom will be covered here.

I have also taken the decision to merge "The Heroic Age" "The Anime Basement" and "Many Different Things" into one show. Now simply called "The Nerdsphere" we will continue the groundwork started by Many Different Things by tackling a different subject each month.


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