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Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan: A Special Message

What you've just seen is some of the devastation currently affecting Japan. It's an event that is affecting all of us in one way or another and many of us are currently keeping by our televisions to keep up with the events. I will be updating this blog with messages every once in a while:

"Awful to hear about what's going on in Japan. My thoughts are with anyone out there or connected to this tragedy." - Dreadwind, via Twitter

"A sad day for Japan, wish them all the best with the rescue and getting life back to some form of normality soon." - Wizartar, via Twitter

"Seriously don't know what to say at the moment about the earthquake. Still overwhelmed by it all. Thoughts go out to those affected though." - Nemesis Scourge, via Twitter

"Just woke up and see what has happened in Japan, I thoughts go out to all of you." - JazzSanti, via Twitter

"Big hugz and good wishes to all in Japan and affected by this quake. I feel numb with shock..its just too much" - Logan Blaze, via Twitter

"Thoughts go out to all the Bro's in Japan hit by the tsunami." - JiiDee, via Twitter

"Woke to the tragic news in Japan, my heart's going out to all involved and their loved ones. So heartbreaking." - Slick, via Twitter.

"my prayers go out to all who have family in or live in Japan right now. I just wish I could help more" - Malwave, via Twitter

"My Heart and my prayers go out to everyone affected by the terrible earthquake and tsunami that has devastated Japan" - Jiraiya the Ero Senin, via Twitter

"My thoughts go out to the Victims of The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami victims. And I pray that Mother Nature holds her wrath when visiting other areas within the Warning Areas." - VonRojas, via Facebook

"Big earthquake in Japan, making sure my friend over there are OK." - Omki Excalibur, via Facebook.

"Sending well wishes and prayers to #Japan. Some very long time @BotCon supporters are there. We will look in to make sure they are ok". - Official Botcon Twitter feed.

And many more. I would like to personally thank TFW / HJU's Vangelus for keeping us all updated throughout the morning with updates, as well as Mr. C from CSToys in Japan updating us as we speak. These guys are troopers.

On top of the disaster hitting Japan, many neighbouring coastlines including the Philippines, Taiwan & Hawaii are also being affected, with tremors and threats of a Tsunami approaching within the next few hours. To every family, businesses and lands affected by this terrible event, I would like to send my thoughts to you at this time and hope for a swift and speedy recovery.

EDIT: This is the Official American Red Cross site if anybody wants to make a donation - HERE

And HERE if you want to fund the relief efforts in Japan.

- Matt.


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