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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Podcast Partnership - Masters of the Universe Chronicles!

We at the Nerdsphere are happy to announce that a new member of our Nerdsphere Network family has been added, and his name is CHRIS VINT.

Chris's show, "Masters of the Universe Chronicles", a stable of our friends The Popculture Network, will also be featured every week in it's own subforum on our website. I have granted Chris moderator status and have essentially given him the keys to the barn, so to speak, so expect other pieces of goodness to come!

This essentially broadens The Nerdsphere Network brand and opens up a plethora of opportunities later down the line.

You can add the Chronicles to your iTunes by following this link here:

You can also listen to Chris's other show "Operation Retroshock" (alongside Allan Price) by clicking on this link here:

A regular contributor to the Chronicles is James Eatock, he of Busta Toons and Cereal Geek fame. Remember we will be conducting and interview with James soon and any questions you have will be gratefully received!


Vinto-Man said...

Thanks very much Matt for the warm welcome and look forward to sharing Chronicles with all the Nerdsphere fans!

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