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Friday, May 27, 2011

[OBITUARY] Jeff Conaway (October 5th 1950 - May 27th 2011)

The actor Jeff Conaway, star of stage and screen, has died. He was aged 60.

Conaway was up until today on life support. His family made the decision, after over two weeks in a coma, to turn off his life support. He died peacefully thereafter. The cause of the deep coma has been alleged to have been caused by a painkiller overdose, according to several news sites.

Conaway starred in both the original play and the movie versions of Grease, playing the characters of Danny and Kinickie respectively. It was his portrayal of Kinickie, along with his "A hickie from Kinickie..." catchphrase, that he will be most remembered for. Originally, the musical segment "Grease Lightning" was to be performed by Conaway himself as Kinickie, but was instead switched to the character of Danny, played by John Travolta.

After several television stints in shows such as the US sitcom Taxi, Conaway found a role he would go on to be mostly associated with in the general fandom, that of the role of Security Chief Zack Allen in the 1990's science fiction series "Babylon 5" appearing in four of the Five-Season run, as well as several TV Movies.

On behalf on the Nerdsphere, we would like to send out our deepest sympathies to the family of Jeff Conaway at this time.

- Matt.


classicor said...

It is sad to see more and more people who were part of something meaningful (to me, at least)just... go. As Delenn said in "All my dreams, torn asunder" (explaining the meaning of the meditation candle to Sheridan):

"The flame also reminds us that life is precious, as each flame is unique. When it goes out, it's gone forever ... and there will never be another quite like it."

Find peace, good sir.

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