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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

An obituary for Roy Skelton

Sadly this year we have lost two Doctor Who greats in Nicholas Courtney and Elisabeth Sladen. Now we have lost another in Roy Skelton. He impacted people's childhood in one way or another. Let me explain how in case you are unfamiliar with the gentleman's vocal talent. First of all and I only found this out recently whilst watching the special features of "Genesis of the Daleks" was that he voiced many a Dalek between 1967 and 1988. I instantly recognised his voice but not for that reason! I wasn't a big Doctor Who fan growing up but knew his voice from another hit show. That show was known as Rainbow which ran for some 25+ years!

Yes Mr Skelton did the voice for both the pink hippo called George and the rugby ball with a zip for a mouth called Zippy. It was a great show and a main stable in my childhood viewing. Mr Skelton said he even did the voices when the two characters were arguing! Now that takes skill. With great sadness another hero for many children has sadly passed on.

"Up above the trees and houses, rainbows climbing high" we can know that Mr Skelton will climb up high to heaven and may the great man rest in peace. Thanks for the memories sir.


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