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Monday, September 12, 2011

[PODCAST] Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 21: Super Mario Bros. Movie Commentary

Listen to the podcast HERE

Oh lord.....

Timey returns to the fold with Moon, Alex / JazzSanti and Bob / Hulkster as they watch the greatest thing since Shakespere.

But enough about Gokaiger, this week they are watching.....SUPER MARIO BROS! Bob Hoskins' favourite movie of all time (This might be a lie).

You can watch with us via "Other Means" by watching the link HERE

(Note: Timey is at least 10 seconds ahead of the others throughout the recording. Sorry 'bout that. Also, in order to synch with the commentary, you have to start watching just after the first logo and before the "Lightmotive" logo).

You can find "The damned" on youtube HERE (Moon), HERE (JazzSanti) and HERE (Hulkster)


And remember you can find this and many other podcasts by visiting the Nerdpshere HERE

There's even a fansite of the movie, LOOK!


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