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Friday, October 07, 2011

Dave Thomas: 1989 - 2011

It's normal here for me to post obituaries for famous people we know from stage & screen, but it's downright surreal to be posting one here, now, for one of our own. Especially for someone so young.

David Benjamin Thomas, known to many as Cyrus Fangus on, the now defunct Moonbase 2 and even on our original Autobot City forum, died peacefully in hospital at 1.57am on the 5th of October 2011.

David was born with severe health problems and his parents were told that he would be lucky to live past 2 months old. Somehow he managed to turn the tide, and lived into his adult life. Even though he was confined to a wheelchair, he fought against the odds and he attended multiple Auto Assembly conventions, and was well known amongst the Transformers fan community. I was told by David once that I was to blame for his love of Kamen Rider, a fact that I am extremely humbled by. David had a good sense of humour, and brought levity to his condition. His pressense was felt so much, that AA2012 will be a strange new world without him.

David also had a Youtube channel, which you can find HERE

On behalf of the Nerdsphere Network, I send out my deepest sympathies to the family of David at this time.

Sleep well, Cyrus.

- Matt.


Nemesis Scourge said...

A sad day indeed, they have my condolences.

Dr. Kelso said...

I still really miss him he was a great personal friend, I am honored to have known him for so long.

Time Lord said...

Sorry for your loss

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