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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Roll Call Roll Out News: Custom Competition

(Originally reported on the "Blood for the Baron" site HERE)

Out of all the GI-Joe figure repaints in the Action Force line, only Steeler in Z-Force shares the same name and specialty as the GI-Joe character.

GI-Joe team members were often attached to new units to expand their training, specialty, or in some cases counter a specific new threat (Tiger Force, Night Force, Slaughters Marauders etc)

Reporting For Duty is one of the custom competitions for Roll Out Roll Call which allows for the idea of GI-Joe team members attached in new colours to the Action Force units of either SAS, Z-Force, Q-Force or Space Force.

The ideas might make sense, i.e. Footloose as part of the Z-Force infantry, Wetsuit with Q-Force or perhaps they might be verging on the ridiculous, i.e. Jinx in Space Force colours - because you need Space Ninjas, right?

The contest is free to enter, however there are some guidelines that need to be upheld:

1) The base figure has to be an original existing GI-Joe toy/ character. No new characters/ resculpts/ kit-bashing, just the regular original figure with its accessories.

The figure does not have to be from a particular line, any line is fine for submission i.e. RAH, 25th, ROC, etc.

2) The figure can only be as part of SAS, Z-Force, Q-Force or Space Force. No other team unit will be accepted.

The figure needs to be repainted in the colours that most commonly associated with the respective team.

3) In line with the other team members, the logo of the respective team must be displayed somewhere on the figure.

4) Up to one submission can be entered for each team per person, i.e. one person can submit one Z-Force repaint, one SAS repaint, one Q-Force repaint, one Space Force repaint.

5) Each submission needs an appropriate figure base to display upon and includes the name, contact number and email address clearly labelled for the entrant on the underside.
  • Those wishing to enter and are attending the show can bring submissions for display before 11am on the Saturday of the show.
  • Submissions can also be posted and need to be received before Monday 5th March 2012.
  • They are sent at the owners risk and can only be returned with a suitable stamped addressed envelope or package equivalent if not collected in person.
  • Submissions returned by post will be within 1-2 weeks after the show.
Roll Out Roll Call cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or accidental damage at the show or in transit.

Judging will be done via a panel and vote with prizes awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for each team.

This is the first custom competition planned for the show, keep checking back to the site for more additions HERE


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