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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Roll Out Roll Call 2012 - Travelodge Details

This might be useful info for some planning on making a weekend of it but stretching the budget, Annie at Blood For The Baron posted this:

The Travelodge sale is now on:

Southampton Travelodge has rooms for the weekend at reduced rates
Friday - £15.00 per room
Saturday - £25.50 per room
Sunday - £15.00 per room

Parking is available at £3 per 24 hours

The Travelodge is only half a mile's walk from the Jury's Inn

Bookings are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you visit the Travelodge website, don't use the "quick book" function for these prices, but rather use the "sale" button on the left hand side. Using the "quick book" gives substantially higher rates for the Friday and Sunday nights

Because Travelodge make it difficult to book more than one night at a time on their sale promo pages, you might want to click here Travelodge | Southampton hotel - Southampton hotels and any dates you enter will be listed at the correct sale prices

Do it folks, no excuses, £25 for the room on Saturday night??? You won't get better than that!!!



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