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Friday, February 10, 2012

THE RANDOM FANDOM - EPISODE 52: Anything Goes Along with the Finest Weave of Hobo

Oh what fun we have when guests come along to say "Hello". Andy (CobraComanderTFW) and Stu (Darkageis) join us to talk about Kamen Rider OOO or better described as "Dicks of the past made of metals". We have lots of great news from sad to the odd as well as take your questions and read your answers about innovations of your lifetime. Come and join the insanity.

WARNING: Talking poo isn't just for "South Park".

MEMORIAL - Don Cornelius
MEMORIAL - David Peaston
MEMORIAL - Zalman King
MEMORIAL - Ben Gazzara
MEMORIAL - Bill Hinzman

* LeVar Burton is Bringing Back ‘Reading Rainbow’
* Setting, cast for next season's American Horror Story revealed!
* Harrison Ford to Return for ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel
* Clancy Brown Becomes An Evil Pastor For 'Nothing to Fear'
* Hasbro and Derpy...Will There Be a Name Change
* The CW's Green Arrow will be the Jason Bourne of super heroes
* Adam Sandler to Write, Star in ‘Candy Land’ Movie
* Ron Howard Bringing Lestat Back To Theaters In 'Tale of the Body Thief'
* Russian Scientists Lose Contact After Drilling for ‘Alien Lake’

SONG OF THE WEEK - "Anything Goes" theme of Kamen Riders OOO

Recorded February 8, 2012


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