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Sunday, February 05, 2012

[PODCAST] Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 30 Ver.2: Gamera Guardian of the Universe fan commentary

In the first show of 2012, JiiDee switches places with Timey as host as they along with Andy / CobracommanderTFW and Alex / JazzSanti talk through the first Gamera movie of the "Heisei era". Also, believe in the number 6...

About the guests:

CobracommanderTFW is the host of the Moonbase 2 Podcast and occasional guest of the Back to the Eighties podcast, as well as having his own YouTube Channel

JazzSanti is a former co-host of the "Dude Wait What" & "TFAnomynous" podcasts and was a co-host in Moonbase 2's pilot episode. He also has his own YouTube Channel

He also posted this exclusive review of the Revoltech Gamera 2 for the purposes of this commentary:

Twitter: @Timey2Wimey @JiiDee @CCTFW @JazzSanti @TheNerdsphere @ShutUpWatchThis


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