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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

THE RANDOM FANDOM - EPISODE 55: Land Sharks Carrying Candy Grams

The gals have yet another fun week talking about the good ol' days of Saturday Night Live as well as answer some thought provoking questions and your answers to the homework of you being a Transformers.

* The Absence Of TV Spots For 'The Raven' Is Nevermore!
* Oscar Winners for 2012
* Darren Aronofsky's aborted Batman flick would have starred WHO?
* Les Grossman Fake Biopic
* TV: "666 Park" To Be Co-Managed By Rachael Taylor
* National Lampoon Reboot
* 1st Trek 2 video shows Cumberbatch beating the $#@! out of Quinto
* Tara Strong Attacks Chris Rock Over Twitter for Oscar Comment
* Ron Perlman Says 'Hellboy 3 Probably Won't Happen, And He's Probably Right
* Ben and Jerry Apologizes for Latest Flavor

TOPIC OF THE WEEK – Classic Saturday Night Live (up to 1995)
SONG OF THE WEEK - An Infinite Regression by Animals As Leaders


Recorded on February 28, 2012


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