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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 47: Event Horizon Fan Commentary

This week, the "Sugar Bear" Logan Blaze is joined by Grufflock and CobracommanderTFW as they talk about the 1997 "Hellraiser in Space" horror movie, Event Horizon.

This is a long one, so here's some timecodes to help you out:
  • Opening / Trailer: 00:00:00
  • pre-commentary chat: 00:02:21
  • commentary: 00:11:38
Plus if you want a giggle, here is a special feature at the end of the show where the guys, whilst preparing to record the podcast, chatted about, amongst other things: masturbation, Anne Summers and Lego. Don't listen if you're prudish.
  • Chit-Chit: 01:56:20


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