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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Old Oilhouse - Shows for this Week (18/08/12)

Posting these up for Grufflock whilst he's stuck at work, lol.

Listen to the show HERE

In the last ten minutes or so, the sound quality takes a bit of a nose dive. Apologies for that.

Listen to the Show HERE

This was originally intended as a Happy Hour supplemental. Due to timing this week though, here it is in it's entirety as a Lock-In. Enjoy!

Listen to the Commentary HERE

Stu and Rob are joined by the Sugar Bear to, what the hell is this MegaForce thing?

Listen to the show HERE

DHD just played Slender for 45 mins. This is the broken end result.

There's something for everybody here, and the madness never stops! Enjoy!


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