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Monday, November 19, 2012

RCP - Episode 152: Metal Hero Afro!

For this week's episode I was happily joined by RandomCrap Ranger and StaticRift as we took a look at the first episode of Juspion which was originally fansubbed by Dead Fish Fansubs until both they and megaupload got shut down.

BTW we covered a few of the other Metal Hero shows around this time last year, it's just they got put to one side largely due to the Asylum screeners we used to recieve. However if your interested our reviews of Metalder, SpielbanGokaiger Vs Gavan and the Ameritoku adaption Beetleborgs are still online for those of you interested.

Also if you want us to cover some more Metal Hero shows why not drop us a line or leave a comment? Fansubbing of some of these shows seems to be pretty popular lately, heck even the Blue Swat movie got a English sub recently so please let us know. We'll gladly review/discuss some more episodes if people are interested.


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