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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stardub - 2.22: Sontaran's Got A Hold Of My Heart

In an unusually topical episode (recorded scant hours before uploading) your intrepid team are returning to the most colourful and controversial eras of Doctor Who, that of the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker.

Up for discussion is The Two Doctors, which sees Jamie and the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton return to tackle the schemes of scientists, Sontarans and Servalan in a story written by Robert Holmes the most celebrated of classic Who scriptwriters. We follow that up with Timelash, as Paul Darrow and the Borad tangle with the Doctor, HG Wells and the sensational character find of 1985 – The Bandril Ambassador.

One of these will be feted, the other slated…

Ralph also tells us of his adventures at the Dimensons 2012 convention in Newcastle and his encounters with the Northern Charity Daleks in various areas of the hotel…

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