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Monday, December 24, 2012

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 71: Timey's Christmas Commentary Roulette

(Or, alternatively, "Timey is a Christmas C**t Edition")

In a podcast fan commentary first, Timey takes over the hosting duties as he provides the Santa Bear Logan Blaze, Andy Millman and Jii Dee with three festive editions to children's shows from eras long past. There is only one thing - Timey is the only one who knows what these shows are! The other three are completely in the dark. What happens? Listen and find out!

NOTE: For the full experience of this podcast, you need to click on the links below when prompted during the podcast. DO NOT Click on them before hand: those are known as spoilers and you really don't want to spoil yourselves now, do you? The links are presented in the same fashion that they were during recording i.e. they are NOT in chronological order. Wait for the commentators to select A, B or C, then play along with them:


You can contact the commenators via twitter here:


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