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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 72: The Snowman (1983 David Bowie Intro) fan commentary

For the 30th Anniversary of the Snowman cartoon (which aired on Boxing Day 1982) and as part of the "Takin' you down to Tinseltown!" season, Timey and SU&WT newcomer Becca / Mettledoxy chat through the seminal British winter tale.

For the purposes of the commentary, we are using the David Bowie introduction (There are three to choose from [the other two being Raymond Briggs himself, and Father Christmas] plus the DVD version has no intro at all). You can watch this with us via "Other means" by clicking on the Youtube link HERE

(as an aside, if you are using the DVD version, play that version along with us from about 34 seconds into the commentary)

You can contact the commentators via twitter here:
Check our Becca's other show "Nerdflix" HERE and also check her out on YouTube HERE


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