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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Back to the Eighties - Episode 140

What ho, chaps! Chocks away, tally ho, righty-dokey and all that, what? It's only Becca's turn this week at the spotlight, don't you know, and it's her first one to boot! She's only gone and bally well picked the 1986 'classic' movie Biggles now, hasn't she? You know, the one about the World War I pilot who has an American time twin in the 1980s? Wizard!

There's also ads from 1982 (the LWT region, where mater is from) and also all the news you'd ever want to shake a stick at, what?

Now, I remember in India, in 1862...or was it Dudley?

Listen to the episode HERE, or subscribe on iTunes, or Stitcher (using the promo code EIGHTIES)

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