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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Super Easter Sunday Radioplay: Superman: Doomsday and Beyond

As a special treat for the Easter holidays, the second radioplay of the weekend covers an icon who died and returned from the dead to save us all - SUPERMAN! First airing on BBC Radio 5 in 1993 as a 4-part serial, it was later stripped down to 3 minute segments (But with additional scenes that were cut from the original for time) on Mark Goodier's Drivetime show on BBC Radio 1 a year later. It included in it's cast Stuart Milligan (Kraus in Jonathon Creek) as Superman, Lorelei King as Lois Lane and William Hootkins ("Porkins" in Star Wars) as Lex Luthor. It was an adaptation of the novel written by Louise Simonson, itself an adaptation of the comic book storylines written by Simonson and drawn / co-written by Dan Jurgens. It was the last series of BBC Superman adaptations, which included the original story "Superman on Trial" and "The Adventures of Superman" (an adaptation of John Byrnes' "Man of Steel" post-Crisis origin story).


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